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The Journey of Tuga and Aleluja — part three

(This is the conclusion of a presentation I gave — or tried to give — at our church on October 15, 2017) Our work in Bosnia took place in Gradacac, a city about 3 hours north of Sarajevo. Ostensibly, we were there to build a… Continue Reading “The Journey of Tuga and Aleluja — part three”

The Journey of Tuga and Aleluja — part two

(This is a continuation of a presentation I gave  — or tried to give — at our church on October 15, 2017) Tuga and Aleluja accompanied me to Bosnia this summer. At every place I stayed, I set them on the window ledge or… Continue Reading “The Journey of Tuga and Aleluja — part two”

Fun With Google Translate

I have a word problem. I really, really like words. A lot. It should come as a surprise to nobody that on my trip to the Balkans I took pictures of words to look up later. Nor should it come as a surprise that… Continue Reading “Fun With Google Translate”

The Elements

One of my favorite family trips was in June 2015 when we all traveled to British Columbia for Sam and Donna’s wedding. The Pacific Northwest is God’s country. It’s wild and beautiful. Sam drove us to an amazing vantage point, looking down on the… Continue Reading “The Elements”

Learning a New Language

Ayla’s English was impeccable. Well, nearly impeccable. When we first met, someone asked her how old she was. “Twenty,” she said, without batting an eye. “Twenty?” someone else questioned. She flushed and giggled a little, realizing her mistake.  “No, twelve.” I turned to Amina,… Continue Reading “Learning a New Language”

Little Things in Dubrovnik

“I suspect many of us walk past true gems every day without considering where they came from and what journeys they have endured.” Richard LaMotte, Pure Sea Glass: Discovering Nature’s Vanishing Gems After our morning swim in the Adriatic Sea, Leah set about collecting… Continue Reading “Little Things in Dubrovnik”

The Texture of War

Imagine to yourself a gloomy city, all burning with brimstone and noisome pitch, full of citizens who are unable to leave it. St. Francis de Sales, in Meditation VII: Of Hell Leah and I watch a short movie about the 1991 siege on Dubrovnik.… Continue Reading “The Texture of War”

Summer Swimming

Hitting is like swimming. Once you learn the stroke, you never forget it. Stan (The Man) Musial, inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame 1969 A baseball quote, because Baseball Hall of Fame induction weekend is closing in, but the topic is swimming. I… Continue Reading “Summer Swimming”

Things I Would Have Done Differently in Bosnia

While I was in Bosnia, I began thinking of things that I would do differently next time. First, I would bring my computer.  I intentionally did not bring my computer on this trip, so I could “unplug” a little. I had my phone which… Continue Reading “Things I Would Have Done Differently in Bosnia”


On one of our first nights in Dubrovnik, I told Leah that finally I was starting to understand parts of Isaiah 60, the scripture I’ve been trying to memorize for months. We don’t have any walled cities near where I live. I needed to… Continue Reading “Dubrovnik”