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Coke machines aren’t unusual — except when seen on a trail from a medieval fortification. One of my favorite days on my recent trip to Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina involved a full day tour from Mostar. Our tour guide, Emir, was very knowledgable, engaging, and… Continue Reading “Počitelj”


Mostar is a confusing city. We’ve been here about 12 hours. The bridge is lovely.  People bustled around last night — both visitors and locals (I assume) with the vibrance of any tourist destination. But this morning’s quest for coffee drove home the urban blight… Continue Reading “Mostar”

My Next Travel Adventure

I’m letting go of the wheel again. For one week, while we were in France, I didn’t drive at all. Thankfully. We relied on other drivers. The guiding principle for that trip was to make everything nice for my father, so we had a… Continue Reading “My Next Travel Adventure”

Red-Winged Blackbird

The red-winged blackbirds begin check-check-check-ing at me as I walk down the road. With dog, without the dog — it doesn’t matter. I’m a threat and they need to let the world, or, at the very least, their fellow blackbirds know that danger approaches.… Continue Reading “Red-Winged Blackbird”


When my aunt found out we were in Paris, she messaged me that we should be sure to go to Ladurée. I’m so glad we did. My French is weak to non-existent, and there are too many -isseries. A brasserie is a restaurant, a… Continue Reading “Ladurée”

Guiding Principles

When I started planning the trip to France, I had no idea what I was doing. I take that back. I knew two things. One, that my father had talked for a long time about going to the beaches of Normandy, and, two, that… Continue Reading “Guiding Principles”

The Villa Lara

Traveling with a mobility-challenged person limited our choice in accommodations. We knew we needed a hotel with a “lift” (an elevator). (Side-note: Sometimes having a lift doesn’t mean it can accommodate a wheelchair, as we learned at our hotel in Paris. The elevator was… Continue Reading “The Villa Lara”

Ominous Beginning — Part 2

Traveling is a weary business. Especially when traipsing across time zones. When you start in a rural area and end in a rural area, travel time is extended by the road time at either end. We left Cooperstown around 12:30 PM and arrived in… Continue Reading “Ominous Beginning — Part 2”

Ominous Beginning

The man seated ahead of us on our Newark to Paris flight was large and loud. I missed the beginning of the “discussion” because we were getting situated in our seats, stowing my pack in the overhead compartment, turning my phone to airplane mode,… Continue Reading “Ominous Beginning”

A Brief Recounting of Our Trip to France

I confess — I had to look up the meaning of evanescent, this week’s photography challenge. It means “soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.” That’s describes my trip to France, I thought. Life is already crowding out the… Continue Reading “A Brief Recounting of Our Trip to France”