When my aunt found out we were in Paris, she messaged me that we should be sure to go to Ladurée. I’m so glad we did.

My French is weak to non-existent, and there are too many -isseries. A brasserie is a restaurant, a patisserie is a bakery, and a confiserie is a candy store.

But what was Ladurée? It had a tea room in the back, which really wasn’t a brasserie-type restaurant. They make the most delicious macarons, so patisserie seemed right, and, in fact, is how they refer to themselves. They also had the best chocolates ever, so confiserie or chocolaterie?

Whatever they are, it is magical. The long line told us that they had something special to offer, and we weren’t disappointed.

Outside Ladurée on the Champs-Elysées

To place my order, I took a picture of what I wanted to buy, and then just pointed at the beautiful macarons. I didn’t photograph the macarons, but here are a few of the chocolates.

A tough decision

And here is the some other delights that tempted us.



10 thoughts on “Ladurée

  1. Laduree’s macarons are like a religious experience; my favorite flavor is violet. If you get a chance, also try the ones available at Galeries Lafayette (which is a place you should visit anyway), just for comparison.

    1. I love that description. Yes, those macarons were a religious experience! I’ll have to visit Galeries Lafayette on my next trip to France.

  2. Ladurée is indeed a patisserie. They do chocolate to heavenly perfection but that is not their key draw. I am very glad you went there … it is like being dipped in saccarine schmaltz … frankly nothing better!

    1. I’m glad I went, too. Like I’m glad I went to the Eiffel Tower. I can check those experiences off the France list that I didn’t know I had — but on my return trip, I’ll probably just make a beeline for Normandy.

      1. Normande is beautiful and I am a great believer in getting under the skin of a place rather springing around with a foot here and a foot there and not really ever getting to know one place properly so I’d say yours is the perfect call 🙂

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