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I don’t like change. I want things to stay the same forever and ever amen. For the most part, anyway. Once, at our house in town, our neighbor came over and asked about cutting down some trees that were on our property. The previous… Continue Reading “Change”


One day I found myself Staring at the clear blue water Of the pool And marveling at the fact That I could not see A single drop All that liquid In front of me And my eyes could not distinguish One single drop —… Continue Reading “Small”


Looking down and seeing up Looking through and seeing all Looking out and seeing in O peaceful pool, I am in thrall I close one eye Match window with line Switch eyes and now They misalign Every pool Has moments peace When swimmers jump… Continue Reading “Reflections”

S is for Siblings (a pictorial essay)

First there was my father — Actually, before my father, there was Janice Aline, a daughter who lived only a day. Little over a year later, my father was born. Then his brother, Stewart, came along. I showed my father the picture today and… Continue Reading “S is for Siblings (a pictorial essay)”

R is for Red Sox

When my father was in the Emergency Room the other day, I knew he was missing the Red Sox game so I brought it up on my phone. Through the Red Sox website, we couldn’t watch the game, but we could get details of… Continue Reading “R is for Red Sox”

A Little Bit of Narnia

Yesterday’s sunrise was pink and blue. The day before it was orange and yellow. I take so many pictures of the sunrise. I’ll be at the pool and one the ladies swimming will say, “Ooh! Sally! Get your camera!” I’ll grab my phone and… Continue Reading “A Little Bit of Narnia”

Not My Favorite Place

“What happened to your hand?” my friend Kate asked. I was reclining in a chair at one of my not-favorite places What she asked about had happened at a new not-favorite place — the GI Lab. It was a week of taking care of… Continue Reading “Not My Favorite Place”

Today Is Good

I’d rather be right where I am today Yes, I would Yes, I would Today is good I’d rather keep in step with time than stay Yes, I would As I should Today is good Sometimes my heart begins to stray To other times,… Continue Reading “Today Is Good”

God Bless the Moon

Every morning I go downstairs and sigh when I see the tray table beside my father’s chair. It’s a mess. I tidy it — but I know my organization will erode to disorder by evening. The problem these days is that he has taken… Continue Reading “God Bless the Moon”


Our trip to France was sweet. I’m not talking about the food, which, of course, was amazing. My food pictures leave something to be desired — not the food, my pictures. Like this dessert — I don’t remember what it was, but it was delicious.… Continue Reading “Sweet”