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On the morning of September 11, 2001, Francesca decided, “Today will be the day that I start taking care of myself.” She slept in a little that morning. She had put in a 12 hour day the day before at her job on the… Continue Reading “Francesca”

Leaning Into Me

Fifteen months ago, I started seeing a therapist. I remember at Hutchmoot, in one of those first years, a musician/artist talked about his therapist and then said, “Everyone needs a therapist.” There was a smattering of laughter, so he said, “I really mean it.… Continue Reading “Leaning Into Me”

Partial Transcript: Thistle Do Nicely

Or: 13 Minutes of Absolute Nonsense Or: Do they ever actually talk about Songs of Scotland?! Rory:  Welcome to the Scottish podcast by Scottish people about Scottish things. We’re three lifelong friends and displaced Scotsmen who like to get together to talk about our… Continue Reading “Partial Transcript: Thistle Do Nicely”


When I was a little girl, I sometimes had to wait in my father’s office for a ride home at the end of the day. His office was in a trailer attached to the hospital. It was “temporary” — which meant he was there… Continue Reading “Transcription”

Thistle Do Nicely

Do you remember March 2020? The world turned upside down. My father had passed away near the end of 2019 — an event that had deeply affected me. The pandemic was a different upheaval, one that involved isolation, masks, shortages at the grocery store,… Continue Reading “Thistle Do Nicely”


Several weeks ago Laurel walked in the kitchen and I was writing a message to a podcast that I listen to. “What are you doing?” she asked. I told her. She looked at my phone and said, “They write back?! You write back and… Continue Reading “Creepy?”


The first duty of love is to listen. Paul Tillich (Warning: a late-ish post after a long day. My sole New Year’s resolution was to write every day, and, doggone it, I’m not giving up in the first ten days of January!) My son… Continue Reading “Priorities”

The Clothesline

… one may find it extremely helpful to discover a clothesline on which all of one’s feelings and thoughts and desires may be placed. Howard Thurman, The Creative Encounter I woke up feeling irritable. Then, my cinnamon rolls didn’t turn out (I think I… Continue Reading “The Clothesline”

A Slower Tempo

Take your time and expect them to take theirs. Be very tolerant. Be as undemanding as you can. This slow tempo will help the contemplative side of your life: but if you get in a frenzy and want quick results, you will run into… Continue Reading “A Slower Tempo”

The Last Page

Here’s an author’s perspective: We work REALLY hard to tell a story in a certain way–we edit and re-edit and agonize over what parts to tell in what order, because the *way* the story unfolds is integral to the story itself. And the ending–specifically… Continue Reading “The Last Page”