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A Little Bit of Narnia

Yesterday’s sunrise was pink and blue. The day before it was orange and yellow. I take so many pictures of the sunrise. I’ll be at the pool and one the ladies swimming will say, “Ooh! Sally! Get your camera!” I’ll grab my phone and… Continue Reading “A Little Bit of Narnia”


When I walked into the pool area yesterday, one of my swimmers was waiting for me. She looked up at me with doleful eyes. The corners of her mouth were turned down. Way down. “What’s wrong?” I asked, crouching down to talk with her.… Continue Reading “Change”

October Gratitude

On October 29, I am grateful for these — collected over the course of the month. Harvest time A few stalks left behind Airports A full-circle rainbow seen from above Tennessee sunrise A quiet place to stay That bald-headed guy resting his arm on… Continue Reading “October Gratitude”

A Kierkegaard Thought for the Day

I thought I should have thee, O God, as a help in loving men. Thou didst understand it differently, Thou didst use men against me to help me to love Thee. Søren Kierkegaard

Little Things in Dubrovnik

“I suspect many of us walk past true gems every day without considering where they came from and what journeys they have endured.” Richard LaMotte, Pure Sea Glass: Discovering Nature’s Vanishing Gems After our morning swim in the Adriatic Sea, Leah set about collecting… Continue Reading “Little Things in Dubrovnik”

Corn Maze

From last October…. The day we went to the corn maze It was so bitterly cold But happy family memories Never grow old

Dr. Purple

Last week Mary and I went to a “talk” at the library. I had seen the sign posted at the grocery store and taken a picture of it so I would remember to mention it to Mary. But on Tuesday, March 14, everything was… Continue Reading “Dr. Purple”

Tremble: a Lenten reflection (part 2 of 2)

Originally posted on Cords of Light:
I love aspen trees. When I was a child, my dad often traveled on business and came home with gifts for us. I have abalone jewelry from New Zealand, traditional clothing from India, and coins and pottery from…

Civil War

“Is there going to be a civil war?” one of my children asked yesterday. “Gosh, I hope not,” I replied. The tension in our country is alarming. I’ve never lived in a place where is an active war is being fought, and I don’t… Continue Reading “Civil War”


X is for ⅹ, the Roman numeral ten. Ten sentences from my scribbly notes from Dr. Wood at Laity Lodge. ⅰ— The highest work of art will form an echo of the gospel. ⅱ— God alone creates. We sub-create — taking what God has… Continue Reading “X”