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Honest Prayer

We must lay before Him what is in us, not what ought to be in us. C. S. Lewis, Letters to Malcolm Lord, tonight I’m tired and weak —Accept these unpolished words I speak.I pray for peace but I sing of woeYou watched it… Continue Reading “Honest Prayer”


In the un- ravel- ing perhaps a (truer) story is told that may (or may not) include roses and warmth essentials remain untouched we die are reborn pulled apart re-knit by the sharp beak and pointy talons of a wee bird Do I blame… Continue Reading “Unraveling”

apologies to e e cummings

i thank You God for most this amazing day: for the brownly roasting spirit of turkey and a scarlet celebration of cranberries; and for everything which is edible which is edifying which is yum (we who are scattered gather today, and this is thanksgiving;… Continue Reading “apologies to e e cummings”

Morning Hymn

I bought this book a few years ago. It has been waiting patiently for me. I didn’t go looking for it. The book found me. Things I like about the book: Marbled book boards. Isn’t it pretty? Inscription — I’m a sucker for inscriptions,… Continue Reading “Morning Hymn”

Thoughts on Education

Short answer: I’m for it. Slightly longer answer: Education thinking solving proving discovery too much social interaction – recovery writing rewriting citing recite reading researching finding delight learning questioning seeking knowledge elementary middle high school college Except not everyone needs to go to college.


Fears I don’t have: spiders the dark idle threats Fears that I do: failure not trying regrets I made the collage at the top for last year’s A-to-Z Challenge. The background is from Ezra Jack Keats’ Over in the Meadow. The child is from… Continue Reading “Fears”

The Spelling Award

In 3rd grade (maybe it was 4th) I won the spelling award. I thought Jack Harvey would win it When they called my name, I was floored. Shocked. Delighted. Astounded That I had scored higher than Jack But the biggest bombshell of all Was seeing my dad in… Continue Reading “The Spelling Award”


One thin bent line on a grassy green page Evidence of a golfer’s rage


Looking down and seeing up Looking through and seeing all Looking out and seeing in O peaceful pool, I am in thrall I close one eye Match window with line Switch eyes and now They misalign Every pool Has moments peace When swimmers jump… Continue Reading “Reflections”

O is for Old

A Poem for Interns and Residents To you, he is an old man With hoary head and feeble mind But look beneath the surface — It may surprise you what you find To you, he’s one who stutters And struggles to find words He… Continue Reading “O is for Old”