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Today Is Good

I’d rather be right where I am today Yes, I would Yes, I would Today is good I’d rather keep in step with time than stay Yes, I would As I should Today is good Sometimes my heart begins to stray To other times,… Continue Reading “Today Is Good”

My Baseball Hero

I live in a baseball town, and yesterday (I think) they announced the 2018 inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame. As part of a Christmas gift, I wrote the following poem about my favorite baseball moment ever. It’s a true story. The outlook… Continue Reading “My Baseball Hero”

Canada Geese

Honk! Honk! I look up — Misshapen V heading west Poor befuddled geese

Just an Old Green Pillow

I remember when Mom, With needle and yarn, The fabric in her lap, Chain-stitched the outline of an owl And satin-stitched the eyes and beak It may look like A lumpy green pillow, But now I see That it is, In fact, July’s Hydrangeas… Continue Reading “Just an Old Green Pillow”


~~ Morning Prayer ~~ Thank you, God, for the beauty Of the light upon the trees, And though I see it every day, Help me always see The cloak upon the river From the morning fog And help me, Lord, To always hear the… Continue Reading “Godspeed”


The writing wasn’t brilliant for Hot Dogs and Marmalade; The draft folder overflowed with posts that were half-made. Then when another prompt went by, a photo challenge, too — The proprietress of the sorry blog wondered what to do. Another day, another fail, another… Continue Reading “Fraud”

Forwards and Backwards

A friend asked me if I could write a poem that could be read both forwards and backwards by line. I gave it a try. Hopelessness Destroys Creativity A search for beauty Tumbles into Prayer I weep Alone

At the Window

At a Window by Carl Sandburg Give me hunger, O you gods that sit and give The world its orders. Give me hunger, pain and want, Shut me out with shame and failure From your doors of gold and fame, Give me your shabbiest,… Continue Reading “At the Window”


Frederick Buechner, in his book, The Remarkable Ordinary: How to Stop, Look, and Listen to Life, explained the haiku better than I have seen it explained before: The whole genius of the haiku is that they don’t mean anything. People who try to figure out what… Continue Reading “Haiku”

Glorious Country Life

I stopped at the Farmer’s Market Early Saturday morn Heard some vendor’s talking (They both look tired and worn.) “Went to the tractor pull,” One guy said to his friend. “Didn’t get home ’til 2 AM. Helluva start to the weekend!” “Damn rooster woke… Continue Reading “Glorious Country Life”