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Children: the Gift I Didn’t Know I Needed

This weekend I was getting some things ready for a bridal shower for my oldest daughter and came across a notebook in which I had written this quote: “This is often the way God loves us: with gifts we thought we didn’t need, which… Continue Reading “Children: the Gift I Didn’t Know I Needed”

Who Knows?

The other day someone called and asked, “Is it going to be busy in the bowling alley this afternoon?” “I don’t know,” I said. I thought about making a snarky comment about my broken crystal ball. I think it was the same day that… Continue Reading “Who Knows?”

Crying at Yoga

“I’m terrible at yoga,” I told a friend a few years ago after I had tried some yoga. “I keep falling asleep in it.” My friend had laughed. “I’d say you’re doing it right,” she said. That was back in the day when my… Continue Reading “Crying at Yoga”


Maggie would have loved the snow this morning. Even in this, her 14th year, she would run out the door when she saw fresh snow, throw herself down into it, and roll on her back, like the snow was scratching some itch that she… Continue Reading “Maggie”

On Seeing

Dear Kim, So much for writing every day for a month. See how I am? My last draft was January 21 and I called it “Catching Up.” I planned to cram all the missed prompts into one post. Meanwhile, prompts kept piling up like… Continue Reading “On Seeing”


or, Wilma’s Rules for Facing Life Dear Kim, It’s been a rough few days and I haven’t written. Again. Last Thursday’s prompt was protocol. A protocol is a list of rules to be followed in specific formal situations. My life these days is anything… Continue Reading “Protocol”

3 C’s: Clutter, Cosmopolitan, and Chocolate

January 12, 2022 Dear Kim, Today is One-Liner Wednesday and the prompt is clutter. I find great comfort in clutter. Love, Sally January 11, 2022 Dear Kim, I had to look up the definition of the word cosmopolitan today. It’s the word prompt for… Continue Reading “3 C’s: Clutter, Cosmopolitan, and Chocolate”


Dear Kim, Speaking of Brian Doyle (again), have you ever read any of his work? He’s from Oregon! Maybe you were the one who sent me the copy of A Book of Uncommon Prayer that I found when I was cleaning our family room… Continue Reading “Tempest”


Dear Kim, When I was trying to choose a word for 2022, I confess that anticipation didn’t make the list. It’s cousin, expectancy, did. (For the record, I ended up choosing aware and I’ll explain it another time.) Anticipation (today’s prompt word) walks a… Continue Reading “Anticipation”


Dear Kim, Yesterday at work, a little boy wandered in front of the desk and finally stopped to ask if he could borrow a pencil. (Months ago I brought in a small stash of Blackwing pencils which are the greatest pencils ever made and… Continue Reading “Generosity”