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Dreadful Beauty

There’s more beauty in the truth, even if it’s a dreadful beauty. John Steinbeck, East of Eden I talked to my counselor about East of Eden, telling her how I am being so disciplined about not reading ahead. Seriously, I’m not even flipping a… Continue Reading “Dreadful Beauty”

A Time of Small Letters

The time is comewhen the publication of poems is to be like that of pale and very light airborne seeds flowing in the current of forest air through the blue shadows, and falling on the grass where God decrees. I am convinced that we… Continue Reading “A Time of Small Letters”


The first duty of love is to listen. Paul Tillich (Warning: a late-ish post after a long day. My sole New Year’s resolution was to write every day, and, doggone it, I’m not giving up in the first ten days of January!) My son… Continue Reading “Priorities”

Mid-way Through East of Eden

“…I want to ask you something. I can’t remember behind the last ugly thing. Was she very beautiful, Samuel?” “To you she was because you built her. I don’t think you ever saw her — only your own creation.” John Steinbeck, East of Eden… Continue Reading “Mid-way Through East of Eden”

Melting Icy Fingers

Thanksgiving is not a result of perception; thanksgiving is the access to perception. Virginia Stem Owens By taking the time to be grateful, I can melt the icy fingers of fear that squeeze my heart today. Today I am thankful for my neighbors down… Continue Reading “Melting Icy Fingers”

Primary Experiences of Life and Death

Many persons live their entire lives without ever seeing a human being die. Howard Thurman, “Life Must Be Experienced” in The Inward Journey At the time, I didn’t realize what a privilege it was to sit with my mother and then my father as… Continue Reading “Primary Experiences of Life and Death”

Dry Years

And it never failed that during the dry years the people forgot about the rich years, and during the wet years they lost all memory of the dry years. It was always that way. John Steinbeck, East of Eden My one New Year’s resolution… Continue Reading “Dry Years”


There are no ugly questions except those clothed in condescension. John Steinbeck, East of Eden “I’m showing you this because I think you want to know. You always ask questions,” my co-worker Michelle said to me the other day. I started a new very… Continue Reading “Questions”

The Clothesline

… one may find it extremely helpful to discover a clothesline on which all of one’s feelings and thoughts and desires may be placed. Howard Thurman, The Creative Encounter I woke up feeling irritable. Then, my cinnamon rolls didn’t turn out (I think I… Continue Reading “The Clothesline”

On Ideas

Since writing the other day about dumb ideas and the perils of sharing them, I’ve been thinking more about it. Thomas Edison said, “To have a great idea, have a lot of them.” If that’s true, I am on my way to having a… Continue Reading “On Ideas”