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A Gentle Answer

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Proverbs 15:1 (NIV) I’ve been fighting the Snark Monster in my heart the past few days. Every response that I begin to form in my mind to an on-line discussion goes… Continue Reading “A Gentle Answer”

Blessed Are the Daily Bloggers

Over eight years ago, I started writing in this little corner of the internet with nothing more than a silly name and a struggle to understand my mother’s dementia. I wrote nearly every day. It was as if some unseen floodgate opened. A tidal… Continue Reading “Blessed Are the Daily Bloggers”

Favorite not-Blogs

To choose my favorite blog is impossible. Some of my favorite bloggers aren’t writing much at present. I don’t mind that because I know that they are busy living life — one recently adopted a child, another recently graduated from college, and a third… Continue Reading “Favorite not-Blogs”


The writing wasn’t brilliant for Hot Dogs and Marmalade; The draft folder overflowed with posts that were half-made. Then when another prompt went by, a photo challenge, too — The proprietress of the sorry blog wondered what to do. Another day, another fail, another… Continue Reading “Fraud”


I found myself listening carefully not so much to what the young doctor was saying as how he was saying it. “How is your appetite?” he asked, the first three words slightly higher in pitch than the one that preceded it. But appetite —… Continue Reading “Pronunciation”

Tell Me Something Good

A friend said, “Write a poem,” to help me start writing again.   So I pulled up a poem that had been sitting in my draft folder and tried to finish it. It’s not perfect but Brené Brown says that we should have the… Continue Reading “Tell Me Something Good”

Fun With Google Translate

I have a word problem. I really, really like words. A lot. It should come as a surprise to nobody that on my trip to the Balkans I took pictures of words to look up later. Nor should it come as a surprise that… Continue Reading “Fun With Google Translate”

A is for Appetite (Or, 5 Things About Zombies)

Please forgive this post. I blame it on my brother and the fact that I’ve been struggling to write. “Why don’t you write ’10 Things About Zombies’?” my brother suggested. “I don’t know ten things about zombies,” I said. “Make them up,” he said,… Continue Reading “A is for Appetite (Or, 5 Things About Zombies)”

First Aid

I took a lot of first aid classes back in the day. First Aid. Advanced First Aid. First Aid and CPR. First Aid for lifeguards who work at camps in the middle of nowhere. First Aid for ambulance dispatchers. Okay, I may be making… Continue Reading “First Aid”


“Everything I write is stupid,” I told the girls the other night. “I need to just stop.” Of course they gave the obligatory, “No, Mom. We like it.” But I was all phooey-on-everything. Laurel said, “What if you just didn’t write every day?” Now… Continue Reading “Bleh”