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The Bad Ones, Too

The other morning, when I was praying for my sister during my quiet time, I thought about the text she had recently sent. “Heat index of 113. No wonder I’m dripping.” She lives in Florida. Heat index must be like the wind chill —… Continue Reading “The Bad Ones, Too”

Blessed are the P’s

Blessed are the Painters of pictures for their work brings joy to others. Blessed are the Painters of chicken coops for they beautify the world, or at least a tiny piece of it. Blessed are the Preservers of the Past;┬áblessed are those who Push… Continue Reading “Blessed are the P’s”

Blessed are those with Open Hands

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with my hands clenched and guarding my heart. I’m sure it’s stress, but it doesn’t change the little exercise I go through — opening my hands wide and spreading my fingers, willing them to… Continue Reading “Blessed are those with Open Hands”

Blessed are the Homesick

Blessed are the homesick for they have a home. My father’s music of choice is Scottish — so I hear it all the time. A thread of homesickness runs through their music. The other day, as I listened for 793rd time to John McDermott… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Homesick”

Blessed Are Those Who Grieve

It has been three and a half years since my mother passed away. A few weeks ago my father wanted to visit my mother’s grave. In the first year after she passed, I had tried several times to get him to go. His way… Continue Reading “Blessed Are Those Who Grieve”

Blessed are the Advocates

Blessed are the advocates and the whistle-blowers for their shaky-kneed courage. They shall hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” A week or two ago, a friend posted an urgent prayer request. She had reported an abusive situation and was summoned to… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Advocates”

New Memory

This morning I received a notification — “You have a new memory.” I laugh at those notifications. They seem so silly. New memories — pshaw. Memories are, by their very nature, sort of oldish. This morning, though, I paused to look at my “new”… Continue Reading “New Memory”

H is for Hurry

Hurry ruins saints as well as artists. Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation

Birthday post

Today is my birthday. 5 years ago on this day I was at Laity Lodge, enjoying the warm Texas sun, the beautiful Frio River, and one of my favorite places in the world, an art installation called Threshold. Since Laity Lodge has no cell… Continue Reading “Birthday post”


Every man, however matter-of-fact and prosaic, likes to receive his presents wrapped… He hesitates to cut the string; he prefers to untie the knot, to unfold the paper, and so to come slowly upon the fond surprise awaiting him. The contents element he will… Continue Reading “Unwrapping”