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Finish My Limerick – Y

There once was a snail named Yoda
Whose slime was a written code(ah)
“In the goo, my words are —
Crunch me not, oh large car”

YES! The finish line is in sight!

I feel like I’ve been running a marathon.

Or maybe a biathlon.

Or triathlon.

The multi-event races are probably a better depiction of my month of April.

So. Many. Things.

I chose to participate in the A-to-Z Challenge — which involved posting through the month of April using a different letter of the alphabet for each day. April 1 was A. Today, April 29 is Y. For the challenge, I chose to write four lines of a limerick and ask my readers to finish the limerick.

Like an idiot, I thought, I’ll collage every day, too. A collage to go with each unfinished limerick I post.

Each collage takes time.

And they started to feel forced.

For me, art needs to kind of happen.

When I sit down to intentionally create something, it generally looks like crap. BUT, when I sit down and start to play with the various images I’ve already cut out, something different happens. I suppose, it could still look like crap, but the process is definitely more satisfying.

Take my superglued tiara princess of yesterday. Here’s the process of how she came to be:

  • The letter X. I searched for names that begin with X. When I saw Xaviera, I thought of a tiara. That was the seed.
  • I looked through what I had with princesses and tiaras, but all those darn tiaras were sitting firmly entrenched on the princesses’ heads —
  • SUPER GLUE! — Actually, I thought of Ramona Quimby making a crown for herself out of burdocks. I remember reading that to my kids and KNOWING that had I thought of that at age 8, I would most certainly have done it.
  • From there, I went to the idea of princess whose crown kept slipping, and like Ramona, didn’t think through the consequences of her solution.
  • Where would the princess be after that? I suppose she would have gone to see the royal physician to get it removed. I found a picture that I could use as background for a doctor’s office.
  • I labeled the blank tube “Super Glue.” Sure she would have brought the tube with her to show the doctor.
  • I labeled the book Stupid Things We Do. I wanted to write Stupid Things People Do but didn’t have enough space. Surely the royal physician would have had to pull out a book like that for a reference before he tackled the problem at hand.

Today’s limerick proved to be a problem because once I settle on Yoda, I wanted to use Yoda-speak, but my mind couldn’t twist the words around appropriately. I felt like I was in a yoga class with pretzel people.

So anyway — this month I had those two things going on — limericks and collages — and then life kept happening, too.

Work — busy, busy, busy.

Church — must write the minutes to a meeting that happened two weeks ago!

Taxes were in the middle of the month — yes, I procrastinated.

The grass is growing — must figure out my mowing dilemma.

Life keeps chugging along.

The good news is that two things will finish up tomorrow — limericks and collages.

This blather has been brought to you by Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

A to Z Blogging Challenge · Blather · collage

Finish My Limerick – S

There once was a woman named Sally
Who dreamed of going to Denali
Or to the moon
In a hot air balloon

To be honest, I don’t dream of going to Denali. Two of my children have been there and I guess it’s pretty amazing, but, for whatever reason, it doesn’t make my top ten

Top ten places I want to visit — off the top of my head, of course, because today is Saturday and I try to do Stream of Consciousness blather writing. Today’s prompt: scene. Each of these places is scenic. Does that count?

  1. Scotland — I could easily break it down into a bunch of places.
    • Edinburgh
    • The Shetlands
    • The Highlands
    • The Borders
    • The Western Isles — specifically Iona to see the abbey
  2. Cornwall — especially the Coastal Path
  3. Nice — I’ve been reading about Matisse and I really want to visit the Matisse Museum (Musée Matisse)
  4. Copenhagen — yes, I’ve been there, but I want to go again. Same for the next three:
  5. Fjords in Norway
  6. Bosnia
  7. Dubrovnik
  8. Rome — I hear there’s a little history there.
  9. Jerusalem
  10. The Great Wall of China

What a wacky list, right? Some are sites, some are cities, and some are countries. Some I’ve been to, some I never have, some I never will.

How about you? What’s on your list of places to see?