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Blessed are those who Understand

The sympathy cards have slowed to a trickle. In the beginning it was a deluge. Many of the cards said things like this: Your dad was an amazing man, and I consider myself very lucky to have worked with him. What a class act!… Continue Reading “Blessed are those who Understand”

Blessed are Too and To

The hardest thing about swimming laps is — 1.) Leaving the house.¬†Walking out into the real world is cold. 2.) Getting in the water. If leaving the house is cold, getting into the water is doubly so. Changing in the locker room. Taking a… Continue Reading “Blessed are Too and To”

Blessed are those who Stretch

I once had a pastor who loved to talk about stretching. Not like downward dog yoga stretching, more like standing-on-tiptoes-and-reaching-a-book-off-the-top-shelf stretching. Stretching, as in, moving beyond what you thought was possible. He was generally talking about being uncomfortable in a situation and choosing to… Continue Reading “Blessed are those who Stretch”

Blessed is Resurrection

When my father passed away at home, I didn’t know what would happen next — so I went for a walk. That Sunday spent watching him decline, decline, decline — sitting by his bed — pacing — calling hospice and family and hospice again… Continue Reading “Blessed is Resurrection”

Blessed is the Quiet

I turned the monitor off Sunday morning not knowing it would be the last time. For three and a half years I have slept with one ear open, listening to the monitor, learning the sounds of the different creaks of the hospital bed in… Continue Reading “Blessed is the Quiet”

Blessed are the P’s

Blessed are the Painters of pictures for their work brings joy to others. Blessed are the Painters of chicken coops for they beautify the world, or at least a tiny piece of it. Blessed are the Preservers of the Past;¬†blessed are those who Push… Continue Reading “Blessed are the P’s”

Blessed are those with Open Hands

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with my hands clenched and guarding my heart. I’m sure it’s stress, but it doesn’t change the little exercise I go through — opening my hands wide and spreading my fingers, willing them to… Continue Reading “Blessed are those with Open Hands”

Blessed are the Nameless

Early in the year I began researching the Alfred Corning Clark Gymnasium, a building in Cooperstown where I spent many happy hours as a youth. In 1986, the new Clark Sports Center, located on the outskirts of town, opened and replaced my beloved gym.… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Nameless”

Blessed are the Mooters

Hutchmooters to be exact. (For those who don’t know, Hutchmoot is a conference-gathering-feast-reunion-thing in the Nashville area for people who love music-art-story-food and who are happy-sad-hurting-joyful-empty-full-introvert-extrovert-questioning-seeking-weary-hungry.) Two lies linger in my mind before every Hutchmoot. You shouldn’t be here. You don’t belong. The first… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Mooters”

Blessed are the Laborers

One of my summer projects involves research at one of the research libraries in town. The other day, I told Bud I was going to make a quick stop at the research library. Two hours later, when I realized how much time had passed,… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Laborers”