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Whew! The home stretch is in sight — 6 letters left, 5 after today. U is for Uniform, as in the one I wear to work. I don’t think that I ever imagined myself saying this, but I like wearing a uniform to work.… Continue Reading “Uniform”


To say that I like tidying might not be totally true, but I definitely get some satisfaction from it. I’m a cluttered person. I have a hard time throwing things away — especially things that may someday be useful — which is pretty much… Continue Reading “Tidying”


I have COVID. Blech. But I’m looking at it as my opportunity to finish this silly alphabet thing. S is for Serpents, as in Taking Up Serpents, which is a one-act opera that I saw this summer. It was my favorite of all the… Continue Reading “Serpents”


Helen’s bouquet was lovely, wasn’t it? I don’t know the names of all the flowers in it — roses (obviously), lily-of-the-valley (a nod to my mother — that was what she carried in her bridal bouquet), and ranunculus (that peachy-colored one that is dead… Continue Reading “Ranunculus”


I have a thousand questions. Maybe more. I think I’ve always been this way, too. I have two distinct memories of my mother expressing her frustration to me regarding all my questions. One was when she was pregnant with my youngest brother and a… Continue Reading “Questions”


Dear Kim, One of the things I’ve learned in recent years is that I like people. I genuinely like people. I like the varieties they come in. I like the get-my-ducks-in-a-row variety and I like the deadline?-what-deadline? variety. I like the spreadsheet variety, the… Continue Reading “People”


Dear Kim, Onward to the letter O! Open — I like open spaces, open people, open doors. In yoga, it’s the classes where we focus on opening up — the shoulders, the chest, the hips — that I feel the tears come. Opera —… Continue Reading “Onward!”

M and N

Dear Kim, Thank you so much for your text the other morning. I know that I haven’t responded, but you have no idea how much I need to hear from people like you. People who love me — warts and all. I really want… Continue Reading “M and N”


Last week, after a brief amble in the park where my son works I fell asleep on a blanket in the grass. I woke up to this: The blue skies, the lake, the grass, the daisy just beyond the edge of the blanket. This… Continue Reading “Language”


Back at the beginning of June I had this brilliant idea to encourage myself to write — I would do my own A-to-Z Challenge for the month, choosing things I like and don’t like that begin with the letter of the day. Pshaw. Looky… Continue Reading “K”