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Blessed are the Kitschy (or Kind)

Blessed are the kitschy whose art is low-brow whose writing is cheesy who can stare at a lava lamp for hours and whose kitchen clock is a cat with a wagging tail and eyes that flit back-and-forth, back-and-forth Blessed are the kitschy for they… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Kitschy (or Kind)”

Blessed are the (un)Jaded

True (and somewhat dull) story about a vegetable peeler: Once day my vegetable peeler fell apart. I was peeling potatoes and it fell apart in my hands mid-peel. The next time I went to the store, I bought a new peeler — a fancier… Continue Reading “Blessed are the (un)Jaded”

Blessed are the Individuals

Blessed are the individuals who have a sense of their own uniqueness the set of gifts and talents peculiar to them and who use those gifts for the good of others for they shall hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Individuals”

Blessed are the Homesick

Blessed are the homesick for they have a home. My father’s music of choice is Scottish — so I hear it all the time. A thread of homesickness runs through their music. The other day, as I listened for 793rd time to John McDermott… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Homesick”

Blessed Are Those Who Grieve

It has been three and a half years since my mother passed away. A few weeks ago my father wanted to visit my mother’s grave. In the first year after she passed, I had tried several times to get him to go. His way… Continue Reading “Blessed Are Those Who Grieve”

Blessed Are Those Who Forgive

Blessed are those who forgive who seventy times seven turn their cheek Blessed are those who hold no records of wrongs done to them who run the tally sheets through the shredder and then burn them just to be sure they are gone Blessed… Continue Reading “Blessed Are Those Who Forgive”

Blessed are the Early Risers

Blessed are the early risers. They will receive solitude and beauty. Gray sky full of clouds The sun is hiding, yet still Its light pushes through

Blessed are the Devoted

Blessed are the devoted, the dedicated, the dependable, the ones who, driven by love, have the daily dogged determination to show up. The seeds sown and tended by their actions will bear much fruit. My father was a model of devotion. Twice a day,… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Devoted”

Blessed are the Calm

Blessed are the Calm the ones who keep their head and assess the situation, for they will be able to make a plan where chaos reigns. As the smell of baking bread permeates the┬áhouse, so the aura of a calm person can soothe those… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Calm”

For Those Who Work Behind the Scenes

Blessed are those who work behind the scenes — the dishwashers, the line cooks, and the sous chefs, the delivery truck drivers, and the shelf-stockers, the shut-ins who pray, but say, “I wish I could do more,” the gardener who weeds and weeds and… Continue Reading “For Those Who Work Behind the Scenes”