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The Bad Ones, Too

The other morning, when I was praying for my sister during my quiet time, I thought about the text she had recently sent. “Heat index of 113. No wonder I’m dripping.” She lives in Florida. Heat index must be like the wind chill —… Continue Reading “The Bad Ones, Too”

The Little Free Library

For Mother’s Day 2019, my husband built a Little Free Library for me and set it up across the street. (If you aren’t familiar with Little Free Libraries, they are free book exchanges.) Yesterday, my husband and I were in the living room when… Continue Reading “The Little Free Library”

Blessed are those with Open Hands

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with my hands clenched and guarding my heart. I’m sure it’s stress, but it doesn’t change the little exercise I go through — opening my hands wide and spreading my fingers, willing them to… Continue Reading “Blessed are those with Open Hands”

Blessed are the Laborers

One of my summer projects involves research at one of the research libraries in town. The other day, I told Bud I was going to make a quick stop at the research library. Two hours later, when I realized how much time had passed,… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Laborers”

Blessed are the Kitschy (or Kind)

Blessed are the kitschy whose art is low-brow whose writing is cheesy who can stare at a lava lamp for hours and whose kitchen clock is a cat with a wagging tail and eyes that flit back-and-forth, back-and-forth Blessed are the kitschy for they… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Kitschy (or Kind)”

Blessed are the (un)Jaded

True (and somewhat dull) story about a vegetable peeler: Once day my vegetable peeler fell apart. I was peeling potatoes and it fell apart in my hands mid-peel. The next time I went to the store, I bought a new peeler — a fancier… Continue Reading “Blessed are the (un)Jaded”

Blessed are the Individuals

Blessed are the individuals who have a sense of their own uniqueness the set of gifts and talents peculiar to them and who use those gifts for the good of others for they shall hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter… Continue Reading “Blessed are the Individuals”

The Adult Swim Lesson

I stood in the warm water of the teaching pool helping Nahla (not her real name) float on her back. It was my second time giving adult swim lessons, and, honestly, I love it. Nahla had grown up in another culture, one that didn’t… Continue Reading “The Adult Swim Lesson”


In the un- ravel- ing perhaps a (truer) story is told that may (or may not) include roses and warmth essentials remain untouched we die are reborn pulled apart re-knit by the sharp beak and pointy talons of a wee bird Do I blame… Continue Reading “Unraveling”

Update on Dad

I realize that I sidestep the issue all the time, dancing around, skirting the elephant in the room. It’s far easier to talk about the brindle boxer that is about to be euthanized than it is to talk about my father. “How’s your father… Continue Reading “Update on Dad”