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The Brindle Boxer

When I pulled in to the veterinarian’s office, the red-bearded man with the brindle boxer was standing out front. Maggie was fluctuating between ecstasy and fear. She had been delighted when she got to go for a ride in the car, but she recognized… Continue Reading “The Brindle Boxer”

The Dream Job

Not quite a year ago I challenged myself to learn the names of the early morning swimmers at the pool. Yes, I was lifeguarding, which I suppose sounds weird — to be pushing 60 and standing on deck with a rescue tube — but… Continue Reading “The Dream Job”

A Year With Merton

2019 is the year of Encouragement. (I wrote about it here.) 2019 is the year of No Snark. (I decided this after laboring over a response to an upset swim mom in December. She had been rude and unreasonable, so the first things I… Continue Reading “A Year With Merton”

Top Fives

Three Top Fives of 2018. Top five books — Les Miserables, The Hate U Give, Imitation of Christ, Conscience, and the whole series of The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place. Top five places I visited — Ales Stenar (the sun-ship in Sweden), Troldhaugen (Edvard Grieg’s home in… Continue Reading “Top Fives”

Encourager or Discourager

Last week, I sat at the timing table in my effort to learn how to run the computer for swim meets. The woman on my right was the embodiment of sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice. She was genuine, kind, enthusiastic, and, like me, new and a little overwhelmed… Continue Reading “Encourager or Discourager”


At church on Sunday, the visiting pastor asked people to share “God moments” during a time when people usually share prayer requests. I knew exactly what I would say if only I were brave enough. My God moment had started at the end of… Continue Reading “Treasure”

2:30 AM

“I’m not doing this on purpose, you know,” my father says to me. It’s 2:30 AM. I’m pointing at his clock, the new one we got that tells the time and the time of day. Above the 2:30 AM the word “PREDAWN” appears. My… Continue Reading “2:30 AM”

Burnt Steak and Key Lime Pie

Hutchmoot has been described more than once as a feast — and people are not talking about the food, although the food is amazing. But each night our chef, John Cal, would introduce the evening meal with a story that related to the food.… Continue Reading “Burnt Steak and Key Lime Pie”

Denying the Doughnut

Laurel started in the public school this year as a sophomore. Had I known that last year was to be my last year homeschooling, I may have grieved. Or not. Life is busy and full and rich and keeps moving along. I wanted to… Continue Reading “Denying the Doughnut”

God’s Handwriting

I knew the blue heron was there because I had seen it land, settling in the mid-pasture marshy land. Can you find the heron? Does this help? How about this? As the heron flew off, I did my best to capture him in a… Continue Reading “God’s Handwriting”