One day
I found myself
Staring at the clear blue water
Of the pool
And marveling at the fact
That I could not see
A single drop

All that liquid
In front of me
And my eyes could not distinguish
One single drop —
Just water
En masse

So I did some calculations
Using my phone
And my head (only a little) —

I thought,
This pool is 25 yards long.
There are 3 feet in every yard.
Therefore, the pool is 75 feet long.

I figured,
I don’t know the width of each lane
But I know from swimming rules that
Each lane must be at least 7 feet across.
We have 8 lanes
So this pool is approximately 56 feet wide.

And I further reasoned,
The depth of the pool varies.
In the shallow end, it’s 4 feet deep,
And in the deep end it’s 8 feet,
But I’ll use 4 feet —
Just to be conservative.

So, I multiplied 75 x 56 x 4
To arrive at the number that
Minimally expresses the volume,
The number of cubic feet in the pool.

That’s 36,000 cubic feet of water —
Although I know there’s really more
Because of the way the depth changes.

Then, I looked up
How many drops of water
Make up one cubic foot:

So a conservative guess
At the number of drops of water
In that one swimming pool

36,000 x 566,336.93 =

Let’s just call it 20 billion drops

And I still can’t see a single one.

Out of curiosity,
I looked up the population
Of the world

According to
The most recent United Nations estimates
In May 2018
There are 7.6 billion people in the world

If people were drops of water
My pool would be little more than 1/3 full

The pool at 5:15 AM

It made me feel small
And large
All at the same time
And I’m not sure why

10 thoughts on “Small

  1. I enjoyed your post and your thoughts reminded me of a line from the movie “Cloud Atlas.” The quote from the book by David Mitchell is below and I think ties in nicely with “feeling small and large at the same time.”

    “My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”

  2. Such a levelling thought and in the end, we are just drops of water in a grandiose place. We are tiny small and none of us is bigger and none of us is more important. Your picture just reeks of calm and still. We all need more calm and still in this life we lead.

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