I don’t like change. I want things to stay the same forever and ever amen. For the most part, anyway.

Once, at our house in town, our neighbor came over and asked about cutting down some trees that were on our property. The previous owner had planted these little pines that grew into big pines whose branches brushed against our neighbor’s house. He had a legitimate reason to cut down the trees.

Of course, we gave him permission.

But when the day came and he was out there removing all the branches so the trunks looked like ugly blemished brown sticks in the ground, I started crying. It took everything within me not to run out and beg him to stop.

In fact, I may have done that. Pleading pregnancy. You know, “Please don’t cut any more trees down because I’m pregnant and emotional and I can’t take it”, or something along those lines.

My husband came home from work to help me calm down.

Pregnancy was simply my excuse. The real reason was that I hate change.

Tall trees have that effect on me.

We took a sad picture last year when we traded in our beloved Honda Odyssey. Good cars have that effect.

One time, after a wonderful vacation in Myrtle Beach, when it was time to leave, our oldest son spent the morning looking like he had lost his best friend. Good vacations have that effect.

WordPress is discontinuing their weekly photo challenges and their daily prompts.

I’ve leaned heavily them, looking for inspiration or ways to connect with other bloggers.

Frankly, I don’t want them to stop.

I feel a little like this:

Or this:

But I tell myself not to despair, this will pass, and no doubt more quickly than it should.  (Mr. Bennett in Pride & Prejudice)

For their final photo challenge, they asked for all-time favorites.

For some reason, all I could find were sad ones.


6 thoughts on “Change

  1. I feel forlorn at this ending too. I have not had the heart to search for a favourite picture to mark the end of something I have leaned on quite hard. But I also know it is a beginning and I have begun a new strategy today (who knows, I may even manage to sustain it ….) of French Fridays and Melting-Pot Mondays and if I’m feeling so moved something entirely random on a Wednesday. Your account of how it feels to change evokes empathy from me, I hope that we will continue to jog along happily side by side and that this ending will be a great start for those of us who met through the challenges.

    1. You’re exactly the reason why this change makes me feel so sad. The challenges were a place of discovery for me.

      You’ll have to tell me more about French Fridays and Melting Pot Mondays. I’m intrigued.

      1. Moi même. It was the people, the interactions, the discovery that I loved. My Fridays and Mondays are simply a way of forcing me to write about France and about the USA – I have so many stories but I need a firecracker to get me moving at the moment. And I need to write so I’m turning the fact that there are no more challenges into a reason to sail by myself. I will link to The Senior Salon and will search out other places that welcome newbies and their discursive ways!

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