My Next Travel Adventure

I’m letting go of the wheel again.

For one week, while we were in France, I didn’t drive at all.


We relied on other drivers.

Airport to Bayeux
Riding around the Arc de Triomphe

The guiding principle for that trip was to make everything nice for my father, so we had a car-and-driver take from the airport to the door of our hotel, even though other ways may have been less expensive. The same driver picked us up in Bayeux and drove us to Paris a few days later. For the record, I would not ever want to drive in Paris.

My next trip is more about the adventure.

My first trip to Nashville was a solo adventure. I flew to Nashville and used public transportation to get around the first day. I had to change buses downtown, an adventure in itself.

I loved the bus ride. It reminded me over and over that I was no longer in New York. The people around me, mostly working people on their way home, spoke in the lilt and drawl that is distinctly southern. I loved eavesdropping.

When I walked from the bus stop, I used a map I had sketched on the little notepad in my hotel room. It took me through a charming tree-lined neighborhood to the church. During my walk I let go as best I could of the worries I was carrying. It was perfect alone-time before meeting a bunch of strangers-now-family.

But this next trip is shared adventure.

Hopefully Leah, my travel companion, will not get too frustrated with me.

I still am not 100% sure how I’m getting to the airport in Newark, NJ. I’m not worried, though. I’ll get there.

From Newark, I fly to Frankfurt. A red-eye.

In Frankfurt, I’ll meet up with Leah.

“How will I find you?” I asked her.

“Uh — we’ll be at the same gate to Dubrovnik,” she said.

Oh, yeah. That.

Once we get to Dubrovnik, though, how will we get from the airport to our Airbnb?

Our hostess mentioned several options: taxi, uber, public transportation.  Guess which one appeals to me?

We’re taking a bus to Mostar. That’s been booked.

But from Mostar to Sarajevo, we want to take the train, and I can’t figure out the schedule. Guess we’ll have to wing that part, too.

What’s an adventure without a little flying-by-the-seat-of-the-pants?

Are you up for this, Leah?

If I was driving, though, that would be a totally different adventure. Let’s not do that.



14 thoughts on “My Next Travel Adventure

  1. When I lived in France, my host mom drove me and I remember closing my eyes and praying we wouldn’t die. She was the sweetest little woman on earth. Put her behind the wheel of a car, and she was a maniac! So glad I never drove there.

    1. In the small towns the roads are so narrow, and in Paris everything is so fast. You almost have to be a maniac to drive there — although I’ve heard multiple times that Italian drivers are worse.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  2. I hope you love Croatia, Sally, and especially Dubrovnik. I did, back in 1980, and I am still trying to get back!

      1. We were in Mostar the night Tito died. It was very strange to be there, then; we were in a restaurant and all of a sudden, they began to shut it down! Alll the stores and restaurants shut down, and all the townspeople went into the streets and just gathered together in grief. Tito presided over a very long period of peace and his people loved him. We did end up getting something to eat, but it was an experience I have never forgotten.

  3. I’m a Veteran driver. I have medals from many different conflicts. British, US, French. I am a Veteran Driver. But trains and buses are bliss. Your trip will be bliss because its the unplanned that makes the memories! Bon voyage a Croatie 🇭🇷

  4. Have a safe trip! And please give them all my love! Can’t wait to hear about the adventures!

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