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or, Wilma’s Rules for Facing Life Dear Kim, It’s been a rough few days and I haven’t written. Again. Last Thursday’s prompt was protocol. A protocol is a list of rules to be followed in specific formal situations. My life these days is anything… Continue Reading “Protocol”

3 C’s: Clutter, Cosmopolitan, and Chocolate

January 12, 2022 Dear Kim, Today is One-Liner Wednesday and the prompt is clutter. I find great comfort in clutter. Love, Sally January 11, 2022 Dear Kim, I had to look up the definition of the word cosmopolitan today. It’s the word prompt for… Continue Reading “3 C’s: Clutter, Cosmopolitan, and Chocolate”


Dear Kim, I know that somewhere I started a post about unicorns years ago, but I’ve searched and searched and can’t find it. This is what happens when you have a troll and you delete blog posts and whole blogs and then try to… Continue Reading “Unicorn”


Dear Kim, Speaking of Brian Doyle (again), have you ever read any of his work? He’s from Oregon! Maybe you were the one who sent me the copy of A Book of Uncommon Prayer that I found when I was cleaning our family room… Continue Reading “Tempest”


Dear Kim, When I was trying to choose a word for 2022, I confess that anticipation didn’t make the list. It’s cousin, expectancy, did. (For the record, I ended up choosing aware and I’ll explain it another time.) Anticipation (today’s prompt word) walks a… Continue Reading “Anticipation”

Brian Doyle

Dear Kim, In the spirit of Brian Doyle, I’m writing one long run-on sentence for you because the prompt is One-Liner Wednesday and Brian Doyle wrote masterful lengthy run-on sentences which I have enjoyed so much that I decided to read as many Brian… Continue Reading “Brian Doyle”


Dear Kim, Yesterday at work, a little boy wandered in front of the desk and finally stopped to ask if he could borrow a pencil. (Months ago I brought in a small stash of Blackwing pencils which are the greatest pencils ever made and… Continue Reading “Generosity”


Dear Kim, I want to use this letter to tell you about some of the abundance in my life. In your most recent message to me, you asked me about my girls. Talk about abundance! I’m so proud of each one of them. My… Continue Reading “Abundance”


Dear Kim, Today’s prompt is the word “gobbledygook.” I’m not really sure why, but that word makes me think of my mother. She liked to use words like that, but I’m not sure I ever heard her say gobbledygook. Words are fun though, aren’t… Continue Reading “Gobbledygook”

Dear Kim

Gah — It’s New Year’s Day and I really want to get back into writing. “I resolve to write every day in 2022.” That sounds so pretentious. And lofty. And ridiculous. Yes, that’s it — utterly ridiculous because I barely posted anything in 2021… Continue Reading “Dear Kim”