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Today marks 35 years of marriage. As Bud would say, “Holy Cow-ser!” My sister asked at the beginning of the trip if there was anything special we wanted to do, I said, “Bud and I would like a dinner together, just the two of… Continue Reading “Anniversary”

O Canada

On our first day of touring Normandy, our guide ended the day at the Canadian cemetery. I can’t tell you how many times over the course of the day, as Colin told us stories of the D-Day invasion, focusing that first day on what… Continue Reading “O Canada”


Four or five semi-concentric lanes of traffic circle the Arc de Triomphe. Messy circles. With vehicles moving in and out of these undefined lanes with alacrity. It’s a roundabout on steroids.​ ​The first time we drove through it, I was utterly terrified. I was… Continue Reading “Traffic”

Omaha Beach

American sons Against impossible odds Normandy courage It hit me when I was looking through my pictures that I didn’t take a single shot of the American cemetery in Normandy. Rows and rows and rows of graves. To pause with my phone was the… Continue Reading “Omaha Beach”


When our guide suggested that we make Bayeux our home base, he gave us a beautiful gift. I can’t imagine staying in a more perfect place. The town was largely untouched by World War 2 because the Germans had pulled their troops from there… Continue Reading “Bayeux”


I had thought about a lot of aspects of visiting another country. New sights, new smells, new foods. Speaking of food, I ate rabbit last night. Apologies to the Rabbit Room crowd if that is sacrilegious, but I felt like I needed to have… Continue Reading “Patience”


I suppose this doesn’t look like a terribly dangerous picture, but I still get that squeezy feeling in my stomach when I look at it. This was from the last overseas trip my parents took together. Nine years ago they went on a tour… Continue Reading “Travel”

Whytecliffe Park

Come sit with me on this rocky ledge And gaze into the bay Water greengrayblueandwhite Splash-splash-crash and spray I had read to watch for seals that frolic in Horseshoe Bay at Whytecliffe Park near Vancouver, British Columbia. Still, it was a pleasant surprise. Even without the… Continue Reading “Whytecliffe Park”

Anticipation — part one

I got almost giddy talking about my upcoming trip to Croatia and Bosnia when I ran into a friend in the grocery store. “Are you excited?” she asked. I was practically speechless. Then I gushed. Effusive words of anticipation poured forth. It was hard… Continue Reading “Anticipation — part one”

More Croatian

Helen looked at my Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian textbook sitting on the table. “Do you really think you’ll use this?” she asked when I told her it was mine. “When I went to France, even though I was taking French at the time, I was too afraid… Continue Reading “More Croatian”