When our guide suggested that we make Bayeux our home base, he gave us a beautiful gift. I can’t imagine staying in a more perfect place.

The town was largely untouched by World War 2 because the Germans had pulled their troops from there to fortify another town that they thought the Allies would head for. The Allies were able to occupy Bayeux without a battle.

I could write about the Bayeux tapestry — a nearly 1000 year old graphic story embroidered on linen. It tells the story of William the Conqueror and it’s amazing.

I could write about the cathedral which has become my guidepost, its spires visible from anywhere in the town. I get always my bearings from it when I’m out walking and can find my way home. It’s lovely.

I could write about the food — oh wait — I already did. Let me say that a croissant in the USA and a French croissant are not the same.  The last two days I’ve Camembert cheese and baguette for lunch, and I can’t imagine more satisfying fare. Our multi course dinners at night have been delightful. In short, I finally understand the stir about French cuisine.

But really, it’s the people. I don’t know that I could adequately describe their warmth and friendliness. 

From Louis who first greeted us when we arrived at our hotel, the Villa Lara. So polite and courteous.

To Laura who answers all our crazy American questions and fairly glows when she talks about this area, her home. “I love where I live,” she said to me yesterday. It shows — and I understand because I too love where I live.

To the young woman at the Patisserie yesterday who struggled to explain one of the delicacies in the display case. She held up one finger, indicating that we wait. Then she pulled a little book from under the counter and looked up the word for cinnamon so we could understand. So sweet. So patient.

I could go on and on.

Bayeux has worked its way into my heart in a very short time.

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  1. It’s French people who make this my home. The patisserie, the bread, the cuisine, the wine, the stunning scenery, the amazing history, the plethora of beautiful buildings they are part of it, but it’s the people who make this my home. I’m so pleased you are finding the same gift.

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