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This is my own A-to-Z Challenge for the month of June — likes and dislikes. If you want to join me, just add a comment of something you like that begins with the letter D and something you don’t like. Also, today’s post is… Continue Reading “Dentist”

On Seeing

Dear Kim, So much for writing every day for a month. See how I am? My last draft was January 21 and I called it “Catching Up.” I planned to cram all the missed prompts into one post. Meanwhile, prompts kept piling up like… Continue Reading “On Seeing”


Dear Kim, Today’s prompt is the word “gobbledygook.” I’m not really sure why, but that word makes me think of my mother. She liked to use words like that, but I’m not sure I ever heard her say gobbledygook. Words are fun though, aren’t… Continue Reading “Gobbledygook”


At church on Sunday, the visiting pastor asked people to share “God moments” during a time when people usually share prayer requests. I knew exactly what I would say if only I were brave enough. My God moment had started at the end of… Continue Reading “Treasure”

Burnt Steak and Key Lime Pie

Hutchmoot has been described more than once as a feast — and people are not talking about the food, although the food is amazing. But each night our chef, John Cal, would introduce the evening meal with a story that related to the food.… Continue Reading “Burnt Steak and Key Lime Pie”

Small World

Bud found a piece of paper covered with words on the coffee table this morning. “What’s this?” he asked. “Word Battle?” Mary guessed. Yes, Word Battle. I am addicted to play a game called Word Battle. Here’s what I like about it: It’s fast.… Continue Reading “Small World”

The Power of Hello

I go to the grocery store, on average 20-21 days every month.  That’s like going every single day for 3 weeks and then taking a week off. My shopping frequency combined with my New Year’s Resolution to not use the self check-out has given me… Continue Reading “The Power of Hello”

The Gift of Giving

About a month ago, I received a curious piece of mail. When I opened the envelope, I found a folded-up piece of yellow construction paper. In red marker, the sender, Juliette, a little girl from our church in Greene, had drawn a heart, an… Continue Reading “The Gift of Giving”

Guiding Principles

When I started planning the trip to France, I had no idea what I was doing. I take that back. I knew two things. One, that my father had talked for a long time about going to the beaches of Normandy, and, two, that… Continue Reading “Guiding Principles”