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At church on Sunday, the visiting pastor asked people to share “God moments” during a time when people usually share prayer requests. I knew exactly what I would say if only I were brave enough. My God moment had started at the end of… Continue Reading “Treasure”

Burnt Steak and Key Lime Pie

Hutchmoot has been described more than once as a feast — and people are not talking about the food, although the food is amazing. But each night our chef, John Cal, would introduce the evening meal with a story that related to the food.… Continue Reading “Burnt Steak and Key Lime Pie”

Small World

Bud found a piece of paper covered with words on the coffee table this morning. “What’s this?” he asked. “Word Battle?” Mary guessed. Yes, Word Battle. I am addicted to play a game called Word Battle. Here’s what I like about it: It’s fast.… Continue Reading “Small World”

The Power of Hello

I go to the grocery store, on average 20-21 days every month. ┬áThat’s like going every┬ásingle day for 3 weeks and then taking a week off. My shopping frequency combined with my New Year’s Resolution to not use the self check-out has given me… Continue Reading “The Power of Hello”

The Gift of Giving

About a month ago, I received a curious piece of mail. When I opened the envelope, I found a folded-up piece of yellow construction paper. In red marker, the sender, Juliette, a little girl from our church in Greene, had drawn a heart, an… Continue Reading “The Gift of Giving”

Guiding Principles

When I started planning the trip to France, I had no idea what I was doing. I take that back. I knew two things. One, that my father had talked for a long time about going to the beaches of Normandy, and, two, that… Continue Reading “Guiding Principles”