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Dear Kim

Gah — It’s New Year’s Day and I really want to get back into writing. “I resolve to write every day in 2022.” That sounds so pretentious. And lofty. And ridiculous. Yes, that’s it — utterly ridiculous because I barely posted anything in 2021… Continue Reading “Dear Kim”

Swim Camp

The other night I watched part of a Red Sox game against the Seattle Mariners with my father before I went to bed. In the morning I looked up the final score. The headline read:┬áSox can’t solve Leake as Rodriguez struggles Leake was the… Continue Reading “Swim Camp”

Things That Make Me Happy/Things That Make Me Sad

In no particular order: My children make me happy — especially when they’re together having fun. Daisies and baby’s breath and buttercups growing by the side of the road make me happy. Garbage – cups, cans, bottles, bags, etc – thrown out of a… Continue Reading “Things That Make Me Happy/Things That Make Me Sad”

Favorite not-Blogs

To choose my favorite blog is impossible. Some of my favorite bloggers aren’t writing much at present. I don’t mind that because I know that they are busy living life — one recently adopted a child, another recently graduated from college, and a third… Continue Reading “Favorite not-Blogs”

Two Pictures of Me

I’m not a big fan of pictures of myself — but I like this one because it brings back so many memories of a very happy trip. And this one, taken last month. We taken my father for his weekly dinner at the Doubleday… Continue Reading “Two Pictures of Me”

Thoughts on Education

Short answer: I’m for it. Slightly longer answer: Education thinking solving proving discovery too much social interaction – recovery writing rewriting citing recite reading researching finding delight learning questioning seeking knowledge elementary middle high school college Except not everyone needs to go to college.

Looking Ahead

Below is one of the first pieces I wrote about my mother’s dementia. At the time, I had no idea that we would only have her for another five or so years. Today’s prompt is “Where will you be in 5 years.” Please excuse… Continue Reading “Looking Ahead”

Three Words

Years ago, I bought Helen one of those pillowcases. It said, “Eat. Sleep. Swim.” Like that’s all there was to life. Thank goodness, she didn’t adhere to it or the world would be less one fine nurse. Today’s culture is into distilling life into… Continue Reading “Three Words”

The Refrigerator

Our refrigerator is slowly dying. I picked out a new one, and ordered it. Before the delivery guys came, I cleaned the old fridge, throwing away old and unidentifiable items. I disposed of leftovers that had gotten pushed to the back and overlooked until… Continue Reading “The Refrigerator”

The Poky Little Puppy

A few summers ago I picked up this scribbled-on, scribbled-in, musty-smelling copy of The Poky Little Puppy at a yard sale. It was in the give-away pile and I felt sorry for it. Since my copy, actually, both of my copies were in Greene… Continue Reading “The Poky Little Puppy”