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Favorite not-Blogs

To choose my favorite blog is impossible.

Some of my favorite bloggers aren’t writing much at present. I don’t mind that because I know that they are busy living life — one recently adopted a child, another recently graduated from college, and a third recently moved across the pond. Those life events are all so much more important than hammering out blog posts — although they could possibly become fodder for posts in the years ahead.

Writers have to live life in order to write about it.

To answer the prompt, (Your Favorite Blogs) I tried to think about something I had recently read that spoke to me — and I thought of Jonathan Rogers.

Jonathan sends out a weekly letter for writers called The Habit.

To say that it’s my favorite blog would be a misnomer. He hasn’t updated his blog since May. (Tsk, tsk – Jonathan)

Still, if I could recommend one place to get good sound writing advice, it would be from Jonathan Rogers. I look forward to The Habit every week.

Number two would be Tweetspeak Poetry. It’s not really a blog, but they post a poem each day — and everyone needs a little poetry. I read my daily poem with my morning green smoothie.

Both Jonathan Rogers and Tweetspeak Poetry have courses and workshops for more in-depth writing work. Jonathan has a course starting next week — Writing with Flannery O’Connor. He has two spots left, so sign up now.

4 thoughts on “Favorite not-Blogs

  1. I think adopting a child and graduating are huge reasons …. rather more than taking a plane across an ocean. But you are kind to me. I am SO tempted to sign up for this course but I know I wouldn’t do it justice exactly now. However, I am hugely grateful for the nod to Jonathan who I rather think I will investigate further. Green smoothie and poetry sounds too tempting!

    1. I should warn you that Jonathan is brutally honest in his critiques. One of my favorite worst favorite was when he told me that a piece I had written for class was technically good but boring. When I re-read it, I realized how very boring I had made a perfectly good story. I had squeezed the life right out of it by trying to adhere to an assignment rather than use my natural voice. It’s a good teacher who tells you when you’re bad.

      1. Thank you for the warning but you are absolutely right …. good teachers don’t soft soap, they are honest and honest is sometimes a little brutal!

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