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Dear Kim

Gah — It’s New Year’s Day and I really want to get back into writing.

“I resolve to write every day in 2022.”

That sounds so pretentious. And lofty. And ridiculous. Yes, that’s it — utterly ridiculous because I barely posted anything in 2021 and I probably made the same resolution.

That’s where you come in, Kim. As I sat here squirming in my chair, feeling knots in my stomach — knots of both of anticipation and dread — I thought, what if I just wrote a letter to Kim every day?

I can picture you reading it. I know you’ll be kind in your responses. I owe you so much.

I think that‘s it, too. I owe you so much. So many thank you’s. So many responses to your faithful checking in on me. You know the road I’m walking — and you know how to encourage me on it. Have I ever thanked you for all that?

And here you are — unbeknownst to you at the time of my writing this — helping me again.

For the month of January 2022, I resolve to write to Kim every day. I’m going to use the prompts from Linda G. Hill’s blog. She calls Saturdays “Stream of Consciousness” and I’m not allowed to go back and edit. This may explain some of the blather in this post. I would ordinarily cut some of it out. But, then again, I probably wouldn’t end up posting because I would say, This is total blathering. Or blithering as the Scots might say.

Wednesdays are “One Liner Wednesdays.” Not exactly sure what happens there, but I’ll jump in and give it a go. At least for January.

All the other weekdays will have a prompt. So if I write to you about gobbledygook or unicorns, just know that that may be the prompt and I’ll try to work it into something meaningful I’d like to say to you.

Because I do have so many things I want to say to you — most of them centered around gratitude. You’ve been a good friend.

And if I fail to write you any of the days of January, just know that the failing is mine, not yours.

You’re the best.



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13 thoughts on “Dear Kim

  1. I dearly love the word blithering. It just covers so many random bits of beloved conversation. But not quite as much as I love your writing. Which pales in comparison to how much more you are dearly loved.

  2. To get you going for January look at Linda’s JusJoJan as well. Take it one day at a time and don’t berate yourself if you slip, just continue the next. Life happens sometimes. Good luck.

  3. Dearest Sally, I miss your communications… no matter what the subject. Seems like the world has lost the means to communicate! You encourage me, THANK YOU.

  4. Thanks so much for joining in, Sally! I’ve resolved to write on my blog every day this month, too. (The prompts don’t count since I can schedule those ahead of time.) Let’s do this together! 😀

  5. I know I’m not the Kim you mean, because I had days after Dad passed that I didn’t read or respond to anyone’s blogs. Good on you to have a New Years goal, and Kim is a lucky girl!

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