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Tender Mercies

It was hard for me to feel peaceful in Paris, what with the busyness of the place and all. Then I remembered the harp store. Our hotel was on a narrow streets not far from the Arc de Triomphe. On our first night there,… Continue Reading “Tender Mercies”

The Angels Were Angry

And the angels were angry At the crispness of the cake “HOW DARE YOU,” they bellowed, “MAKE SUCH A MISTAKE?!” They brandished flaming swords To bar me from my kitchen — I felt like such a failure; I knew they were itchin’ To use… Continue Reading “The Angels Were Angry”

Chalk Throwing

Three teachers that shaped me used the not-socially-acceptable technique of throwing chalk at the students. One teacher threw a piece of chalk at me for passing notes during class. He threw it, and then he called me a “stupid Pollak”, an ethnic slur for… Continue Reading “Chalk Throwing”

A Run With Andrew Peterson and Friends

Laurel told me something about wearing exercise clothes making you want to exercise, so I bought the uniform of the runner — leggings — and it sort of works. Once I put them on, I feel like I’ve made the commitment to run. This… Continue Reading “A Run With Andrew Peterson and Friends”

My Mother’s Closet

My mother’s ¬†closet has only been hers. When my parents bought this old farmhouse 50 years ago, it had one closet — a tiny one, at that. While we kids put up a rope swing, my father put in closets. Bi-fold doors must have… Continue Reading “My Mother’s Closet”

Three Turkey Vultures

Three turkey vultures alit on the roof Because they have no voice organs, I really have no proof That there was any conversation Between them at all Maybe a guttural hiss Instead of other call This imaginary dialogue then Really didn’t occur But for… Continue Reading “Three Turkey Vultures”

The Gift of Giving

About a month ago, I received a curious piece of mail. When I opened the envelope, I found a folded-up piece of yellow construction paper. In red marker, the sender, Juliette, a little girl from our church in Greene, had drawn a heart, an… Continue Reading “The Gift of Giving”

Guiding Principles

When I started planning the trip to France, I had no idea what I was doing. I take that back. I knew two things. One, that my father had talked for a long time about going to the beaches of Normandy, and, two, that… Continue Reading “Guiding Principles”

The Canoe Race

Memorial Day threatened thunderstorms all day. When the rain started at 6 AM, I knew that the weatherman had been at least partially correct. In Cooperstown, a 70 mile canoe race begins early on the lake on Memorial Day. When I was little, I… Continue Reading “The Canoe Race”

Maggie in the Way

“Maggie,” I said, “you’ve got to move. I’m doing my stretches.” I’m trying to ready for my upcoming trip to Croatia and Bosnia so I went for a walk-run this morning. When I sat on the floor to stretch, though, Maggie plopped herself right… Continue Reading “Maggie in the Way”