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Me — about 3

My hair was blonde when I was small
But it grew dark as I grew tall
My mother had the same thing too —
Blonde that darkened as she grew

’tis a funny thing — this natural blonde —
Some maintain, and don’t respond
To aging with six shades of brown
But old age gives its hoary crown

To all in silvery grayish white
Tresses giving up the fight
To stay the hue of summer sun
And let winter overrun

Vanity, you try my hair
But you won’t win ’cause I don’t care

In response to Daily Prompt: Rhyme

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Alphabet with a Twist – B

11 thoughts on “Blonde

  1. My mother will love this – she doesn’t use the internet so I will copy it out and write it to her in a letter which is so much nicer anyway! By the way, her platinum blonde went mouse but when she went grey it was to the most delicious ice white. I take after my father …. šŸ˜‰

    1. I love that icy white hair some people get! I’m sure mine will go more silver — as my mother’s had.

      Thanks for sharing it with your mom.

  2. Ha! Love this! I was blonde until a few years ago when I decided to go undercover and become a brunette. šŸ˜€ I hated that all the school photographers called me “Goldilocks.” Did you get that, too? šŸ™‚

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