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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge — Alphabet with a Twist — needs to have two E’s in the topic — people (I bolded all the 2 E words.) When my father was in the army, our family was sent to Kagnew Station, Eritrea, in Ethiopia.  I… Continue Reading “People”


Cee’s Photography Fun Foto Challenge: Alphabet with a Twist marches on to the letter D — 4 letter words that start with D. I added a twist to the twist this week and chose a 4 letter Bosnian word that begins with D. Drvo… Continue Reading “Drvo”


  My like-affair with cows probably began when my parents bought an old farmhouse next door to a working dairy farm. When little-girl-me pulled up a handful of grass and held it out to a friendly cow, my new bovine friend would take from… Continue Reading “Cows”


My hair was blonde when I was small But it grew dark as I grew tall My mother had the same thing too — Blonde that darkened as she grew ’tis a funny thing — this natural blonde — Some maintain, and don’t respond… Continue Reading “Blonde”

Big and Small

I thought I had a large family when I was growing up. My parents had five children — a nice, symmetrical boy-girl-boy-girl-boy. Then I met my husband. He was the second of thirteen. As if that wasn’t enough, his cousin also came to live… Continue Reading “Big and Small”