Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge — Alphabet with a Twist — needs to have two E’s in the topic — peopl(I bolded all the 2 E words.)

When my father was in the army, our family was sent to Kagnew Station, Eritrea, in Ethiopia.  I was very young at the time and my memories are few, but my parents took a lot of pictures. I especially love the photographs of the people.

in a town?
On a country road
Look at her smile!
Clay jar backpacks
In the river
Outside a school?

I have vague memories of children materializing whenever we were out and about in Ethiopia. Those memories came flooding back when we first went to visit our work site in Bosnia. The car pulled in, and a small passel of girls came running out, excited to see “the Americans.”

The smile of a child is medicine for any soul.


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  1. Oh man. I wish you could go back and retrieve the space in your memory. Such beautiful photos in a place in the world that would mean so much to you to see and experience fully.

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