Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge — Alphabet with a Twist — needs to have two E’s in the topic — people (I bolded all the 2 E words.) When my father was in the army, our family was sent to Kagnew Station, Eritrea, in Ethiopia.  I… Continue Reading “People”


Cee’s Photography Fun Foto Challenge: Alphabet with a Twist marches on to the letter D — 4 letter words that start with D. I added a twist to the twist this week and chose a 4 letter Bosnian word that begins with D. Drvo… Continue Reading “Drvo”


  My like-affair with cows probably began when my parents bought an old farmhouse next door to a working dairy farm. When little-girl-me pulled up a handful of grass and held it out to a friendly cow, my new bovine friend would take from… Continue Reading “Cows”


My hair was blonde when I was small But it grew dark as I grew tall My mother had the same thing too — Blonde that darkened as she grew ’tis a funny thing — this natural blonde — Some maintain, and don’t respond… Continue Reading “Blonde”

A is for Appetite (Or, 5 Things About Zombies)

Please forgive this post. I blame it on my brother and the fact that I’ve been struggling to write. “Why don’t you write ’10 Things About Zombies’?” my brother suggested. “I don’t know ten things about zombies,” I said. “Make them up,” he said,… Continue Reading “A is for Appetite (Or, 5 Things About Zombies)”

Big and Small

I thought I had a large family when I was growing up. My parents had five children — a nice, symmetrical boy-girl-boy-girl-boy. Then I met my husband. He was the second of thirteen. As if that wasn’t enough, his cousin also came to live… Continue Reading “Big and Small”