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G is for Glory

A tree gives glory to God by being a tree. Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation In the spring of 2012, my father’s home insurance company sent an inspector. As a result, the insurance company required two changes: part of the roof needed to… Continue Reading “G is for Glory”

Old Photographs

One of my kids told me, “I pulled some pictures out of the garbage by Grampa’s chair yesterday.” “What?!” I said. I knew my father had been going through old photographs. It’s something he enjoys. He’ll sit there for hours sifting through and resifting.… Continue Reading “Old Photographs”


My hair was blonde when I was small But it grew dark as I grew tall My mother had the same thing too — Blonde that darkened as she grew ’tis a funny thing — this natural blonde — Some maintain, and don’t respond… Continue Reading “Blonde”

Looking Across the Valley

My parents’ house used to have a large front porch. I can remember my mom and dad sitting out there after dinner during the summer, drinking coffee and watching the sun set. Last night, from another room, I watched my father get up and… Continue Reading “Looking Across the Valley”