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My hair was blonde when I was small But it grew dark as I grew tall My mother had the same thing too — Blonde that darkened as she grew ’tis a funny thing — this natural blonde — Some maintain, and don’t respond… Continue Reading “Blonde”

The Wreck of the Eliza

  An original Sea Shanty (1) Captain Hopkins had a schooner Eliza was her name Come hear the story of her wreck “tis such a crying shame She sailed out from Hyannis In April 1899 Heavy seas when she departed Though the morrow’s forecast fine (2)… Continue Reading “The Wreck of the Eliza”


My mum and dad, they met the queen. (Do I sound Bri-ish? sayin’ “mum,” I mean?) He wore full-dress uniform, squeaky clean. A dashing couple, right? Her dress was made of gold lamé – Her shoes were gold, or so they say – And with opera… Continue Reading “Queen”


In a hurry this morning — but don’t want to fall behind in my A to Z postings. A ditty has been running through my head since accompanying my father for his echocardiogram. The screen looked similar to ones I knew from pregnancy ultrasounds, but… Continue Reading “Heart”

Hey Canada – Aboot some of your words….

There are strange things said, or at least so I’ve read, By the neighbors up north of  U. S. It’s more than just “-eh”. What I’m trying to say Is there’s lingo I need to address. They have one dollar loonies and two dollar… Continue Reading “Hey Canada – Aboot some of your words….”