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My mum and dad, they met the queen.
(Do I sound Bri-ish? sayin’ “mum,” I mean?)
He wore full-dress uniform, squeaky clean.
A dashing couple, right?

Her dress was made of gold lamé –
Her shoes were gold, or so they say –
And with opera gloves, they were on their way
To a very memorable night.

SCN_0072 (1)

They saved the invite all this time
(The name’s erased — prevent identity crime)
And that is the end of this pitiful rhyme.
So “Q” is done now. Quite.


6 thoughts on “Queen

  1. Cool! The Queen and Prince Phillip were last here in 2010 in my city. They took part in an unveiling at a museum in honour of her and Queen Victoria, and when they left by car, the car passed by me, and I quite clearly saw both of them in the back seat. That’s as close as I’ll ever come.

  2. I found your post today quite quintessential! How lovely to have the original invitation – certainly a night to remember for your mum and dad 🙂 Have been reading your other poems for previous posts too. I have decided to do one for my R post today but it is not a rhyme!
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