In a hurry this morning — but don’t want to fall behind in my A to Z postings.

A ditty has been running through my head since accompanying my father for his echocardiogram.

The screen looked similar to ones I knew from pregnancy ultrasounds, but no baby..IMG_8547

I had written a more thoughtful piece about a visit to the cardiologist several months ago.

Then I turned the ditty in my head into a bad poem that I posted for a couple of days. Subscribers would have seen it. (And, really, I’m so sorry!)

It was so cheesy that I took it down.

I’d much rather you read “The Cardiologist.”

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    • which no one else will see….

      I’m glad you liked it. I sometimes wish I wrote real poetry, though, not Dr. Seuss-ish.

      • You know, Dr Seuss made quite a living and brought joy to a lot of people. 🙂

        Real poetry is just what stirs the heart. 🙂

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