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Dear Kim, I want to use this letter to tell you about some of the abundance in my life. In your most recent message to me, you asked me about my girls. Talk about abundance! I’m so proud of each one of them. My… Continue Reading “Abundance”

Goals, objectives, strategies, outputs, and outcomes

~~ ONLY ONE GOAL ~~ The other night at dinner one of my children was talking about his goals. My daughter-in-law asked, “Are you talking about goals, objectives, strategies, outputs, or outcomes? They’re all different, you know.” I messaged her this morning to ask… Continue Reading “Goals, objectives, strategies, outputs, and outcomes”

B is for Boxing, Baseball, and Burl Ives

I have the feeling that my father was more the scrapbooker than my mother. From his childhood, he had albums with photos mounted using photo corners onto black paper and funny captions written in white. My mother simply kept memorabilia stashed in a drawer… Continue Reading “B is for Boxing, Baseball, and Burl Ives”

2018 Blogging from A to Z: About My Dad

Tomorrow the A to Z Blogging Challenge starts. I missed the deadline for the Theme Reveal and I’m pretty sure I signed up twice. It makes me wonder how this year’s challenge will go. Writing has been such a struggle lately. I can’t seem… Continue Reading “2018 Blogging from A to Z: About My Dad”

When Boys Become Men

The other day I worked a few hours in the mid-day so that the full-time staff could attend a meeting together. Karl was heading into the gym anyway to work out so I grabbed a ride with him. I made arrangements with “Fred” to… Continue Reading “When Boys Become Men”

October Gratitude

On October 29, I am grateful for these — collected over the course of the month. Harvest time A few stalks left behind Airports A full-circle rainbow seen from above Tennessee sunrise A quiet place to stay That bald-headed guy resting his arm on… Continue Reading “October Gratitude”


I’m beginning to anticipate What his response might be — My mother blamed “the others” For things we didn’t see, But my father’s not a blamer So, when he can’t explain “It fell down from the sky,” he says, Like some mysterious rain. I… Continue Reading “Rain”

A Brief Recounting of Our Trip to France

I confess — I had to look up the meaning of evanescent, this week’s photography challenge. It means “soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.” That’s describes my trip to France, I thought. Life is already crowding out the… Continue Reading “A Brief Recounting of Our Trip to France”


I wrote this back in November 2013. I had been sorely disappointed with a concert I had gone to with Mary. Too much glitz, not enough real. To be honest, I had forgotten a lot of the details of that evening until I reread… Continue Reading “Disappointment”

Where the Wild Things Are

Partly because Sam just sent me this awesome collage postcard from Hawaii: And partly because the Fenimore Art Museum recently announced that in April they are opening an exhibit called: 50 Years, 50 Works, 50 Reasons. Maurice Sendak: The Memorial Exhibition And partly because… Continue Reading “Where the Wild Things Are”