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Blessed are those who Understand

The sympathy cards have slowed to a trickle. In the beginning it was a deluge. Many of the cards said things like this: Your dad was an amazing man, and I consider myself very lucky to have worked with him. What a class act!… Continue Reading “Blessed are those who Understand”

Blessed is Resurrection

When my father passed away at home, I didn’t know what would happen next — so I went for a walk. That Sunday spent watching him decline, decline, decline — sitting by his bed — pacing — calling hospice and family and hospice again… Continue Reading “Blessed is Resurrection”

Blessed is the Quiet

I turned the monitor off Sunday morning not knowing it would be the last time. For three and a half years I have slept with one ear open, listening to the monitor, learning the sounds of the different creaks of the hospital bed in… Continue Reading “Blessed is the Quiet”

Blessed Are Those Who Grieve

It has been three and a half years since my mother passed away. A few weeks ago my father wanted to visit my mother’s grave. In the first year after she passed, I had tried several times to get him to go. His way… Continue Reading “Blessed Are Those Who Grieve”

The Brindle Boxer

When I pulled in to the veterinarian’s office, the red-bearded man with the brindle boxer was standing out front. Maggie was fluctuating between ecstasy and fear. She had been delighted when she got to go for a ride in the car, but she recognized… Continue Reading “The Brindle Boxer”

Peeps and Pictures

My husband’s youngest brother, Ken, passed away last September in Kansas. The New York memorial service was held this past Friday. Bud’s sister, Jeannie, gave a eulogy. It reminded me a little of my own words about my brother Stewart — how we all… Continue Reading “Peeps and Pictures”

Dr. Purple’s Fall

Those who know me well know that I have spent hours researching Dr. William Purple from Greene. He was a fascinating man who lived a long life in service to his family, his community, and his profession. The following story is based in fact;… Continue Reading “Dr. Purple’s Fall”

It’s November 3rd, That’s Why

Two years ago this — Helen and I kept vigil through the night with my mother. Helen had snapped this picture while I was dozing. I went home in the wee hours, grabbed a little sleep, then went back to the hospital to relieve… Continue Reading “It’s November 3rd, That’s Why”

Mr. Hanson

I don’t think he was there the first time we visited the Methodist Church a few ¬†years ago, but he was the second or third time we went back. “Sally,” he said to me in his strong deep voice. I was flattered that he… Continue Reading “Mr. Hanson”

Lessons from Tuga

“I suppose I should take a picture of you,” I said to Tuga, pulling him out of my pocket yesterday while I walked around town. He said nothing, which felt almost like a dare. I dare you to take pictures of a plastic rabbit.… Continue Reading “Lessons from Tuga”