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October Gratitude

On October 29, I am grateful for these — collected over the course of the month. Harvest time A few stalks left behind Airports A full-circle rainbow seen from above Tennessee sunrise A quiet place to stay That bald-headed guy resting his arm on… Continue Reading “October Gratitude”

A is for Appetite (Or, 5 Things About Zombies)

Please forgive this post. I blame it on my brother and the fact that I’ve been struggling to write. “Why don’t you write ’10 Things About Zombies’?” my brother suggested. “I don’t know ten things about zombies,” I said. “Make them up,” he said,… Continue Reading “A is for Appetite (Or, 5 Things About Zombies)”

Free Parking — Then and Now

When we lived down the road from the Baseball Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies, we offered free parking. Free — no strings attached — just free. We generally had quite a few takers. We were, after all, less than half a mile from the… Continue Reading “Free Parking — Then and Now”

New Use for an iPod

For a couple of years, my father kept saying, “I need one of those things,” and he would mimic someone holding a device in their hand and tapping on the screen. We tried to convince him that an iPad would work well for him… Continue Reading “New Use for an iPod”

Play Your Game

I’m a fan of the synchronized sports shot. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Karl playing soccer because he and the other player are right at the same place in their stride. I loved watching Karl play soccer. Tennis was fun,… Continue Reading “Play Your Game”


“Did I do anything for your last birthday?” I asked Laurel this morning. I honestly couldn’t remember. Laurel’s birthday and my mother’s deathday were too close together. “Uh-huh,” she answered. “You made rice.” Not really sure that will win me any parenting awards. Rice.… Continue Reading “November”

Swimming Posters

I loved the idea of reenacting a piece of art for this week’s photo challenge: Life Imitates Art But what to do? I asked Laurel if she would sit on my lap and put her hand on my cheek, like a Mary Cassatt painting,… Continue Reading “Swimming Posters”


V is for Vulture. We’re getting to the end of this alphabet challenge and I’m starting to feel punchy. I thought about posting my picture taken at Laity Lodge of a turkey vulture and then accompanying it with vulture jokes. But when I started looking… Continue Reading “Vulture”


T is for Threshold. Since I had been to Laity Lodge the previous year, I knew where to head as soon as I arrived.  A place called Threshold. Last year I spent a lot of time inside Threshold. I sat on the cold stone… Continue Reading “Threshold”


M is for multiple things. Like Monticello.  That’s where the bus broke down. It’s so easy to mentally go back to those broken down places. But M is also for Moving  On.  It may be easy to go back, but it’s also important to… Continue Reading “Magnificent”