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Prayer of Confession

In the Book of Common Prayer, the morning prayer of confession begins, ALMIGHTY and most merciful Father; We have erred, and strayed from thy ways like lost sheep… I was interested to read Lancelot Andrewes note on this prayer — We have wittingly and… Continue Reading “Prayer of Confession”

If You Say So

The following is an edited version of a post first published on January 2, 2012. I wrote it when my mother was still living at home and I was trying to help my father with her. My sister and I can carry on conversations using… Continue Reading “If You Say So”


A few weeks ago I babysat my grandson and got to change his diaper. When I first became the mother to a little boy, my mother had warned me to not leave a boy uncovered too long. Beware the fountain of youth. You know. Even… Continue Reading “Yuck”

Safe and Swim

Originally my plan was to write about “safe” for the letter S. About a month ago, I overheard a conversation while waiting for my father. He was visiting friends and I was sitting in the front lobby of the nursing home after an unsuccessful… Continue Reading “Safe and Swim”


Every Saturday morning, I sit alone, pen poised over my journal, and attempt to write a prayer. It is a discipline that I have not mastered. My words falter and fall flat on the page. Then, as I pray my newly-written prayer in the… Continue Reading “Prayers”


Laurel has been practicing cracking an egg with one hand — with these: “Please can I try it with a real egg?” she begged the other night. “No,” I replied. I was tired and the likelihood of having to clean up an egg mess… Continue Reading “Egg”

Resurrection Branches

I was delighted to learn that the pussywillow is waved on Palm Sunday in many Eastern and Slavic churches. “The Pussy Willow is also our Easter symbol,” said Father Czeslaw Krysa, rector of St. Casimir’s Church in Buffalo, in a 2013 article. He said that… Continue Reading “Resurrection Branches”


W is for Wound. Flannery O’Connor said, “Grace must wound before it can heal.” I scribbled those words in my notes during one Flannery O talk given by Dr. Ralph Wood at Laity Lodge. If I can grasp that concept, I think I’ll be… Continue Reading “Wound”


S is for Society. Maybe society isn’t the right word. At Laity Lodge, though, we were cut off from society. My car companions were laughing about how friends and family were shocked that they wouldn’t be able to keep up with March Madness while… Continue Reading “Society”


P is for Prayer. Before my trip, with the Lenten season on my mind, I wrote a Collect for Laity Lodge. To the God of Silence — Speak to me in whispers in gentle breezes in birdsong in the laughter of running water and… Continue Reading “Prayer”