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H is for Hike. Henri Nouwen said, “Friendship has always belonged to the core of my spiritual journey.” Friendship is the core of almost any journey — and it was true of my hike at Laity Lodge. I know that I already mentioned the… Continue Reading “Hike”


D is for Dawn. This post is about four Dawns — no, make that five. But where to begin? Dawn #1 — For years, I have prayed for a friend named Dawn.  I’ll call her Dawn-with-the-many-boys because this Dawn has four sons.  Raising sons… Continue Reading “Dawn”

Communion again

I was the first in line for communion. When the teen server tore off a piece of bread and handed it to me, she looked at me and paused. I waited for the words — “This is the Bread of Life.” Or, “the Body… Continue Reading “Communion again”

Andrae Crouch

When I was a teenager, I worked at a small Baptist camp in the wilds of upstate New York. I was initially hired as the cook — don’t ask me how — but eventually was moved into the lifeguard position after they tasted my… Continue Reading “Andrae Crouch”

A Sweet Tradition

Yesterday we decorated Christmas cookies. I know, I know — it was New Year’s Eve. With the busyness of the holidays, though, this is not the first year we’ve decorated the cookies after Christmas. As long as it gets done sometime during the season,… Continue Reading “A Sweet Tradition”

Coracle Moon

The moon was a luminous coracle adrift in a cloudy sea. Gosh, it was pretty. Early in the morning, the waning moon drifting in and out of clouds. Dawn broke, soft and pink, full of clouds that were fluffy like cotton candy, but I… Continue Reading “Coracle Moon”

A New Notepad

It became a theme. A legal pad with only a few pages written upon. When I found the first few of these on his kitchen table, I laughed and commented to his friend, “I can’t believe he only uses a few pages on each… Continue Reading “A New Notepad”

My Inner Porcupine

One of the most precious lessons I have learned (and am still learning) from my mother’s Alzheimer’s is not to take things personally.  I have such a tendency to do that!  When people say or do little things, and sometimes big things, that are… Continue Reading “My Inner Porcupine”