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I found a little notebook that my mother probably kept in her purse in the mid-to-late-1980s. The notes inside cover a huge span of topics: She even wrote a cheat sheet for my husband’s siblings. He has eight brothers and four sisters, so she wrote… Continue Reading “Misunderstood”

The Weight of Struggles

In 2011, my mind was spinning with all the information being thrown at me.  Bladder cancer.  Catheter care.  Chemotherapy. That summer, my mother had been diagnosed with bladder cancer. As if Alzheimer’s wasn’t enough.  As if a second bout with breast cancer wasn’t enough.  As if… Continue Reading “The Weight of Struggles”


In the spirit of “Leaning In,” I offered to help my father write some letters. During December I felt trapped, much the way a mother of a toddler feels. I remember being home with small children and wondering what it would be like to… Continue Reading “Trapped”


In British Columbia, I saw a fully licenced vendor of Hope. I took a picture of it. I’m sure it was NOT a coincident that it was near where I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I think they bottle hope there because… Continue Reading “Hope”

Pursuing Dreams

I remember when Sam learned that he had arthritis. He had been struggling with shoulder pain and gone for treatment for tendonitis, a common problem for swimmers. He couldn’t lift his arms over his head and the physical therapist commented that he was like… Continue Reading “Pursuing Dreams”

The Benefits of Rust

Remember when I said I would be rusty trying to write again? I was feeling that rust this morning as it seized up my writing gears. Today I wrote a whole post, deleted half of it, wrote a little more, made a meme, considered dropping the whole thing… Continue Reading “The Benefits of Rust”

Christmas Flowers

On Sunday the pastor announced that anyone who wanted Poinsettia or cyclamen was welcome to take plants home. The front altar had been filled with plants for the holiday season — so, so lovely. The cyclamen on the piano had caught my eye. It… Continue Reading “Christmas Flowers”


  Cleaning off the shelves in my father’s study reminded me of the things he loves to read about — history and baseball. The older I’ve grown, the more I’ve loved reading about those things as well. I’ve always loved reading about baseball. Not… Continue Reading “Graceball”


“Fred” made the mistake of saying the words “crew cut” within hearing of the man with the clippers. “Everybody has a bad haircut story,” I told him. “Now you have yours.” What made the whole thing ironic is that “Fred” had just been to a conference… Continue Reading “Vulnerable”

Unsung and Under-appreciated

That morning, I had taken my father to a doctor’s appointment. When we got back to the house, the answering machine was flashing. The message was from the nursing home. “Please call.” My mother had had an incident. She was being taken to the… Continue Reading “Unsung and Under-appreciated”