9 thoughts on “Shoveling Again

      • I went through this, at the same time, with my parents and my daughter. They were in their late 80s and she was a toddler.

        It was a fine line between keeping them safe and crushing their spirit.

        I hope I navigated the line well.

      • I always knew that being a burden was my grandparents and parents biggest fear, with not being useful as the 2nd biggest fear. I guess this is their way of pushing the monster away.

        Someday, we’ll be looking at this from their point of view. I don’t know about you, but it kind of scares me.

    • There’s a great book — The House on Beartown Road by Elizabeth Cohen — about a woman caring for her elderly father while raising her daughter. It’s funny, touching, sad, bittersweet — all the adjectives that you probably lived through.

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