A baby brontosaurus is sleeping ‘cross the way
That would explain the humpy bump that’s been there all the day
Pshaw, you say, don’t you know that dinosaurs are gone?
But how else can I justify the lump outside the barn?

It’s smoothly gently rounded like a brontosaurus spine
Long neck and tail wrapped near its feet in a curving line
Sleeping, hibernating — beneath that mound of snow
The thing I really wonder is where did its mother go?


Underneath the massive pile of snow is our minivan.  Thank goodness, I don’t need it for the next few days.

5 thoughts on “Brontosaurus

  1. I remembe..Making a car shaped “snowman” next to an “Emergency Snow Street. No parking when snow depth exceeds 2 inches” sign.

    The city sent out a tow truck to remove the illegally parked car and based on what he was saying, I don’t think the tow truck driver was amused.

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