Pi Day

On Pi Day (3/14) I made pie: shepherd’s pie for dinner and lemon meringue pie for dessert. I forgot to take a picture of the shepherd’s pie at all, and I snapped a shot of the lemon meringue after we had already had some.

Today I was thinking about the Meal-on-Wheels controversy. Apparently Donald Trump proposed cutting funds that provide for that program.

At first I was horrified.

My father-in-law relied on Meals-on-Wheels. Of course, he didn’t always like the meals and let us know. He also saved up the little cans of juice that he got with the program and offered them as treats to his grandchildren. It turns out nobody really liked them.

If Meals-on-Wheels funding had been cut back when he was using it, what would have happened? I’m sure we would not have let my father-in-law go hungry. My first call would have been to his church and the next to other people in the community where he lived most of his life. It would have taken some work, but we would have figured something out.

It would have required something of me.

I thought about Meal-on-Wheels on Pi Day, because I know my father isn’t a huge shepherd’s pie fan. I comforted myself with the fact that he was getting a hot homemade meal — not because I’m part of a government program, but because I’m his daughter.

This morning I read this from Pascal:

Dost thou wish that it always cost Me the blood of My humanity, without thy shedding tears?

I fear that we, as a people, are reaching a point where we are always looking for someone else to pay the cost without us having to shed a single tear. Or make a meal for someone else. Or even help ourselves.

If governmental funding for Meals-on-Wheels is cut, we could still get to work and make sure our elderly are fed.

When the going gets tough, we need to look for ways to help.



4 thoughts on “Pi Day

  1. But……… is this really a cut that will make a difference? Maybe the Prez needs to start controlling a bloated budget by shrinking his military plans and current activities, or maybe even by hiring a plane whenever he wants or needs to get to some conflict spot near one of his luxury hotels.

    1. I don’t know that the Community Block Funding cut would make a huge difference. Honestly, I stopped following much of the political news after the election — too upsetting.

      Our government is such a mess. And, yes, there are probably loads of other ways he could cut back. For one thing, I think everyone — even our lawmakers and president — should have the same health care as the rest of us.

      But, taking a step back, I think one role of government is to provide the things we can’t do as individuals — infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, and the military. Military funding is important, especially if you’re going to go around offending the rest of the world.

      1. Warring isn’t what it was. It was always hell’s own calling card for mankind, but nowadays, it doesn’t only target armies and locations. We already know what a nuclear hit can do. If we’re not supporting treaty agreements, then America’s bets are off the table, too. I can’t even check email — it’s hosted by a venue that has to mention DT & Co. every 3rd panel. Every Administration has to be unpopular to some, but this one seems to be truly and coldly and unmistakably dangerous for all.

  2. The problem is that a program like this can help people who, for whatever reason, tend to be isolated. Not everyone has family or friends who can look in on them.

    Everything about that “man” disgusts me. Spends every weekend going down to his resort at a cost to the taxpayer that exceeds what this program costs in a year. He’s never served anything but himself in his life.

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