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The Last Page

Here’s an author’s perspective: We work REALLY hard to tell a story in a certain way–we edit and re-edit and agonize over what parts to tell in what order, because the *way* the story unfolds is integral to the story itself. And the ending–specifically… Continue Reading “The Last Page”

The Little Free Library

For Mother’s Day 2019, my husband built a Little Free Library for me and set it up across the street. (If you aren’t familiar with Little Free Libraries, they are free book exchanges.) Yesterday, my husband and I were in the living room when… Continue Reading “The Little Free Library”

L is for Library Book Sale

We have at least 3 copies of Grandfather Stories by Samuel Hopkins Adams — thanks to the library book sale. For years and years, the Cooperstown Village Library has held their annual book sale over 4th of July weekend. Their large porch would be… Continue Reading “L is for Library Book Sale”

First Sunday of Advent 2017

I peeked at the first page of The New Christian Year (compiled by Charles Williams) one last time before putting it on the shelf. My well-worn copy is even more well-worn now that I’ve been through the book several times. The New Christian Year… Continue Reading “First Sunday of Advent 2017”


A Facebook friend has been asking a “Question of the Day.” Yesterday, he asked this: Who is your “I’ve never met you and likely never will” mentor? I realize more and more how much of a mentor my mother was for me. She was,… Continue Reading “Mentor”