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Peeps and Pictures

My husband’s youngest brother, Ken, passed away last September in Kansas. The New York memorial service was held this past Friday. Bud’s sister, Jeannie, gave a eulogy. It reminded me a little of my own words about my brother Stewart — how we all… Continue Reading “Peeps and Pictures”


For a writing class I was challenged to tell the backstory of how my father got his dog Muggsy. His father had brought the dog home one day in 1934 or 35 after finding it while waiting for the ferry. Muggsy fit in my… Continue Reading “Muggsy”

Flowers and Weeds

Monday was not a great day. I had taken my father to meet with his brother. It was great to see my uncle and my cousin. While my father was so happy to see his brother, I was struck by my father’s struggle to… Continue Reading “Flowers and Weeds”

Two Pictures of Me

I’m not a big fan of pictures of myself — but I like this one because it brings back so many memories of a very happy trip. And this one, taken last month. We taken my father for his weekly dinner at the Doubleday… Continue Reading “Two Pictures of Me”

The Refrigerator

Our refrigerator is slowly dying. I picked out a new one, and ordered it. Before the delivery guys came, I cleaned the old fridge, throwing away old and unidentifiable items. I disposed of leftovers that had gotten pushed to the back and overlooked until… Continue Reading “The Refrigerator”

Our Trip to France

For years I had heard my father talk about wanting to go to Normandy. I don’t think my mother was particularly interested. She had humored him on his stops at Civil War battlefields on their way to Myrtle Beach. I had been with them… Continue Reading “Our Trip to France”

The Spelling Award

In 3rd grade (maybe it was 4th) I won the spelling award. I thought Jack Harvey would win it When they called my name, I was floored. Shocked. Delighted. Astounded That I had scored higher than Jack But the biggest bombshell of all Was seeing my dad in… Continue Reading “The Spelling Award”

The Perfect Job

“Do you ever think about what it would be like if things were different?” my husband asked yesterday. “What do you mean?” I asked. “Like, what if the job in Hershey had worked out,” he said. Ah, yes, the job in Hershey. In 2005,… Continue Reading “The Perfect Job”

The People in My Life

I hate talking about myself. Who cares that 1I love coffee and 2hate brussels sprouts? If a person is defined by the company he or she keeps, let me tell you about some of the people who are dear to me. That may tell… Continue Reading “The People in My Life”

Vodka and Ho-hos

Last week I attended a dementia care conference with Helen. The conference was informative, but quite honestly, for me, the day was more about spending time with my daughter than about going to a conference. Helen is excited about pursuing something in nursing that… Continue Reading “Vodka and Ho-hos”