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I hit “Publish” and rushed out the door. We had such a busy Saturday, but I was feeling the tyranny of the urgent regarding the A to Z Challenge. “Just a minute! Just a minute,” I called to my family as they were heading… Continue Reading “Imperfection”


In a hurry this morning — but don’t want to fall behind in my A to Z postings. A ditty has been running through my head since accompanying my father for his echocardiogram. The screen looked similar to ones I knew from pregnancy ultrasounds, but… Continue Reading “Heart”


G is for generations. I wanted so badly to have Philip meet my grandfather, my father’s father. He was a great guy. Bud and I had made a trip home that fall when I was pregnant, but that was the last time I would… Continue Reading “Generations”


I did it again, grasped hand after hand, received hug after hug in a receiving line. Few things are more draining for the introvert than the receiving line. We do it — I do it — for people I love. Like my brother, Stewart. Like my… Continue Reading “Presence”

Isaiah 56: 3-8

“Here’s the thing,” says God. “Don’t you go saying that you don’t belong to My family, And don’t you go thinking that because you don’t ‘produce’ I’m going to throw you out. I don’t work like that. At all. If you love Me If… Continue Reading “Isaiah 56: 3-8”


Karl placed 2nd in Class C tennis doubles at sectionals. SECOND! A great finish for my soccer-playing boy and his soccer-playing partner. Last week, we had spent a sunshiny day on a Pennsylvania mountain for round one of sectionals. That was the day both… Continue Reading “Laughter”


Z is for Zaengle. As much as I loved my retreat at Laity Lodge, I love even more coming home. I am blessed with a family. We’ve been looking through old pictures here.  The photographs are needed for slide shows at milestone events. A… Continue Reading “Zaengle”


H is for Hike. Henri Nouwen said, “Friendship has always belonged to the core of my spiritual journey.” Friendship is the core of almost any journey — and it was true of my hike at Laity Lodge. I know that I already mentioned the… Continue Reading “Hike”


Wouldn’t you know it? Yesterday I discovered the A to Z Blogging Challenge for April, where for the month of April the challenge is to blog every day except Sunday, and use the letters of the alphabet to mark off the days. April 1st,… Continue Reading “Bluff”

Coracle Moon

The moon was a luminous coracle adrift in a cloudy sea. Gosh, it was pretty. Early in the morning, the waning moon drifting in and out of clouds. Dawn broke, soft and pink, full of clouds that were fluffy like cotton candy, but I… Continue Reading “Coracle Moon”