Snowglobe Philosophy

I saw the elementary art classes’ snow globes at the library.

“Ooh,” I said to my daughter, “I may just have to make a snowglobe collage when we get home.”

Now, looking at the photo I took this afternoon, I wished I had studied it just a little before diving into my own snowglobe. Truthfully, at the art gallery, we had spent more time studying the bees and their hexagons,

And some of the chameleons.

I wish I had pursued art a little more when I was in school. I think no one encouraged me. The kids that were good at art seemed naturally good at art, just like those who were good at writing were good at writing.

Now I just muck around with collages. Here’s my snowglobe:

I put a brave little girl in it. I should have put more flowers or bugs or something floating around.

“I’m not sure I like this,” I said to my daughter. “I don’t know what it means.”

“It means we’re all looking a life through our own little snowglobe,” she said.

“I suppose,” I replied. “But we think we’re being brave when really we aren’t. We’re untouchable. Maybe we’re even totally unaware of the connections that could be possible if we just stepped out.”

We both stared at it in silence.

“Nah,” we both said, and laughed.


Stream of Consciousness Blather

True story: I’m overwhelmed, overanxious, overtired and pretty much over this post every day business.

This morning, from my tiny room in an AirBnB with questionable internet, I wrote a 700+ word post baring my soul about some of my over-anxiety and overwhelmed-ness.

Then, my daughter messaged me. She was ready to be picked up from her college dorm so we could drop a few more things in the storage unit before we began the long drive home. I quickly read through my stream-of-consciousness blather, added a few tags, and hit “Publish.” The spinny-thing started spinning.

It gave me a minute to read through it all again. Whew! That’s pretty raw! I thought, but I had already hit “Publish.” Too late. But the spinny-thing was still spinning.

I brought my stuff to the car — everything except my computer, that is. I came back in to check on the status of my post. Had it published? Well, the spinny-thing was still spinning.

I stared at it, re-read the post, thought Oof! I don’t know how this person or that person will react to it!

I used the bathroom — I had a long drive ahead of me. I checked the computer. Guess what? Yep, the spinny-thing was still spinning.

Okay, time to reload, I thought. I hit the reload button.

“Changes you made may not be saved,”my computer said.

I decided to take my chances. I hit reload again.

Everything disappeared.


I’m pretty sure that sometimes technology errors save us from ourselves.

I drove 9 hours and thought about that more than once. Some things are best kept private.

Life is still overwhelming and I’m still overanxious. I’m definitely overtired.

But I’ll keep plugging away at posting every day.

Thanks for sticking with me.

flowers · poetry


Smiling flower
At my workplace
Joy in the clutter

Overfriendly salesman
Hogging the conversation
“Hey, there! Notice me!”

A double-elfchen written to participate in a poetry prompt from The Skeptic’s Kaddish W3 #54

An “Elfchen” has a set form of 11 words, the lines having 1-2-3-4-1 words, respectively. The first word is the topic and the final word is often a commentary or summary. The two elfchen are supposed to present opposing views.

Seriously, though — is there an opposite to Daffodil?

collage · Life

Puss and Boots

What happens when you look at a bunch of different prompts for the day? You end up with some dumb jokes and an overcrowded collage.

Doodlewash art prompt: Boots
What do you do with someone who can’t learn to tie their shoelaces?
Send them to boot camp.

Your Daily Word Prompt: Restore
I read about a temple for a giant sea cow.
My faith in huge manatee has been restored.

Word of the Day Challenge: Accumulate
When women reach a certain age, they start accumulating cats.
This is known as many-paws.

I went to work at 6 AM. Sometime in the afternoon, I noticed I had two different shoes on. Same shoe brand, but one is leather and one isn’t. I wore them all day. Still have them on. It’s been that kind of day.