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Dan and Phil (or is it Phil and Dan?)

I vaguely remember several months ago Mary telling me about this thing. It was some YouTube people or something.  But it was in Schenectady. “Go ahead and get some tickets,” I told her, “and we’ll figure it out when it gets closer.” It got… Continue Reading “Dan and Phil (or is it Phil and Dan?)”

A Privilege

Yesterday I ran into someone at the pool that I hadn’t seen in years — Bridget‘s father. Bridget was on the first team that I coached and I still think back on her fondly. In fact, I had just been telling Laurel about Bridget… Continue Reading “A Privilege”

R is for Running

Parenting tip #243 — Little boys have lots of energy. Make them run. Running boy from Time for Bed, Ned by Pam Zinnemann-Hope, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton Man on a bench from The Old Man and the Afternoon Cat by Michaela Muntean, illustrated by Bari… Continue Reading “R is for Running”

J is for Journey

“I ran away once and you didn’t even notice,” one of my children told me accusingly. It brought back a flood of memories. I ran away once. Slighted once too often by my siblings, unappreciated by my parents — I knew it was the only… Continue Reading “J is for Journey”

The Record Board

Whenever I go to a pool, my eyes are drawn to the record board. It’s kind of funny, because I haven’t always been a fan of the record board. Helen still holds over 20 age-group records at the pool in Cooperstown — the earliest from when… Continue Reading “The Record Board”

The Role of Timers

8 & Under swimmers swarm around the pool deck like ants on a sidewalk. Some are aimless, while others seem to know where they are going. Clueless. That’s often the word I use to describe 8-and-unders. Mama can’t hover on the deck. Only those… Continue Reading “The Role of Timers”

The Bathroom

She was waiting for me when I came out of the bathroom this morning. No, no — not one of my children, although, as you can imagine that has happened to me more times than I care to remember. Every mother quickly learns that… Continue Reading “The Bathroom”

Taking Care of Me

In the selfishness of my heart, I could picture it — somebody taking care of me. Fixing all my meals. Bringing me the foods I like. Tending to my needs. Like a cruise ship — without the cruise or all the people. Being a mom and… Continue Reading “Taking Care of Me”

Pursuing Dreams

I remember when Sam learned that he had arthritis. He had been struggling with shoulder pain and gone for treatment for tendonitis, a common problem for swimmers. He couldn’t lift his arms over his head and the physical therapist commented that he was like… Continue Reading “Pursuing Dreams”


A few weeks ago I babysat my grandson and got to change his diaper. When I first became the mother to a little boy, my mother had warned me to not leave a boy uncovered too long. Beware the fountain of youth. You know. Even… Continue Reading “Yuck”