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Laurel has been practicing cracking an egg with one hand — with these: “Please can I try it with a real egg?” she begged the other night. “No,” I replied. I was tired and the likelihood of having to clean up an egg mess… Continue Reading “Egg”

Best Numbers and Peas

“Hey, Mom, do you know what the best number is?” Karl asked this at dinner because we were discussing numbers. For the record, I did not know what the best number was, nor did I even know there was a best number. I mean,… Continue Reading “Best Numbers and Peas”


Karl placed 2nd in Class C tennis doubles at sectionals. SECOND! A great finish for my soccer-playing boy and his soccer-playing partner. Last week, we had spent a sunshiny day on a Pennsylvania mountain for round one of sectionals. That was the day both… Continue Reading “Laughter”


O is for Obscurity. Jill Phillips gave a devotion one morning at Laity Lodge and spoke about the book Forgotten Among the Lilies by Ron Rolheiser, a Catholic theologian. Rolheiser talks about “The Martyrdom of Obscurity”, saying that ordinary life is enough. The human… Continue Reading “Obscurity”


N is for Niggle, the main character in Leaf by Niggle, a short story by J. R. R. Tolkien. Recommended reading for the retreat at Laity Lodge, I read it on my way there. At LaGuardia. I’ve always loved the word “niggle”. Niggles are… Continue Reading “Niggle”