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New Memory

This morning I received a notification — “You have a new memory.” I laugh at those notifications. They seem so silly. New memories — pshaw. Memories are, by their very nature, sort of oldish. This morning, though, I paused to look at my “new”… Continue Reading “New Memory”

Rabid Chickens

My memory of the wall is tinged with blue-green. A very pale blue-green, mind you. I honestly don’t know if it’s real, or hopelessly colored and skewed by more than half a century. I scoured old photographs this morning looking for it. Surely this… Continue Reading “Rabid Chickens”

J is for Journey

“I ran away once and you didn’t even notice,” one of my children toldĀ me accusingly. It brought back a flood of memories. I ran away once. Slighted once too often by my siblings, unappreciated by my parents — I knew it was the only… Continue Reading “J is for Journey”