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Where the Wild Things Are

Partly because Sam just sent me this awesome collage postcard from Hawaii: And partly because the Fenimore Art Museum recently announced that in April they are opening an exhibit called: 50 Years, 50 Works, 50 Reasons. Maurice Sendak: The Memorial Exhibition And partly because… Continue Reading “Where the Wild Things Are”


A few weeks ago I babysat my grandson and got to change his diaper. When I first became the mother to a little boy, my mother had warned me to not leave a boy uncovered too long. Beware the fountain of youth. You know. Even… Continue Reading “Yuck”


“I wish your mother could see those windchimes,” my father said, looking at the green butterflies and brass bells. Their gentle tinkle was beyond his hearing like my mother was beyond … I don’t know. Beyond the day when he could repay for late… Continue Reading “Windchimes”


“Fred” made the mistake of saying the words “crew cut” within hearing of the man with the clippers. “Everybody has a bad haircut story,” I told him. “Now you have yours.” What made the whole thing ironic is that “Fred” had just been to a conference… Continue Reading “Vulnerable”


My father has told me a number of times, “You’re one of the richest people I know.” I respond with, “Yeah, and maybe someday I’ll have money.” Not this year, though. The money part, that is. When I filed our taxes our income had… Continue Reading “Rich”


About once a week I still try to go see I-can-do-it Mary. I wrote about her in “I Can Do It” and Leave Me Alone. My father likes visiting people at the nursing home so I drive him over. While he’s visiting Linda, the lady who cuts… Continue Reading “Mary”


Several years ago I was walking Maggie in our little town and ran into a woman who was walking Maggie’s twin, a mostly black dog with some white markings. “What kind of dog is yours?” the lady asked. “They told us that she was a… Continue Reading “Lovable”

Isaiah 56: 3-8

“Here’s the thing,” says God. “Don’t you go saying that you don’t belong to My family, And don’t you go thinking that because you don’t ‘produce’ I’m going to throw you out. I don’t work like that. At all. If you love Me If… Continue Reading “Isaiah 56: 3-8”

“I Can Do It”

Darn it, Mary. You weren’t supposed to worm your way into my heart like you did. I’m not talking about my Mary. Of course my own daughter is firmly entrenched there. I’m talking about nursing home Mary. I-can-do-it Mary. I-love-you Mary. My father had pointed her… Continue Reading ““I Can Do It””


The following is the text of what I read at the reception for Sam and Donna, my newly-married son and his beautiful wife. Enjoy. Once we had a guy re-shingle our carport roof – a mostly flat roof, only slightly pitched downward from house… Continue Reading “Overlap”